------ SPECIAL REPORT ------
The government wants to keep this to themselves...
The President's Account
Used by at least six different U.S. Presidents, including JFK and FDR, this "IRS-exempt" account is so secret... the government restricts its advertising to the public!
Dear Reader,
Did you know there's an account that exists right now that:

1. Yields 5-6 times more than long-term CDs


2. Has guaranteed returns in some cases


3. Does not have to be reported to the IRS


4. Can be accessed anytime without penalty


5. And finally, lets you retire 100% tax-free?

It's true.
And yet, while these powerful accounts have been around for over 100 years, most people have never heard of them.
That's because government places tight restrictions on the advertising of these accounts... even though they're 100% legal!
As a result, less than 0.07% of Americans have what I call a "770" account set up, while more than half the population has a 401(k) or similar retirement account. (The number "770," by the way, comes from the IRS legal code section that allows these accounts to exist.)
So then, the question is... why have these accounts been kept so secret?
I'll get to that in a minute, but first let's take a glimpse at who's been using the 770 account.
President John F. Kennedy had an account.
So did presidents Taft, Cleveland, McKinley, Harding and FDR (Roosevelt, in fact, held a significant portion of his wealth—$562,142 or over $7 million in today's dollars—inside his own 770 account...)
Even John McCain used his account to fund his electoral campaign back in '08.
But it's not just the politicians of the world who have been privy to this account.
Top bankers and Fortune 500 executives in-the-know have also been using the 770 account for years now... safely earning generous yield on their money—about 5.5% on average—while everyone else has been stuck chasing low-paying CDs, bonds, and dividends.
In fact, this alternative account has proven so powerful The Wall Street Journal recently declared the 770 "has become a tax shelter for the rich... it gives the affluent tax advantages far beyond those available to middle-income people through a 401(k) or IRA.":
But it's not just rich people who have been taking advantage of this account, as we'll now see...
Indiana Man with Master’s Degree in Finance
Ditches 401(k)
With a Master’s Degree in Finance, you’d think Robert Andrews would have a leg up on most investors.
Not so.
In fact, as Robert told me over a round of golf, it seemed like every time he’d put in $5,000 or $10,000 in his 401(k), the market would tank and he’d be no further ahead than before.
I’ve gotten to know Robert pretty well over the last few months. He now makes his living as a high-paid financial writer, and at one time was even a financial analyst at HP.
But back in 2000, despite Robert’s knowledge in the markets the financial collapse took away a good part of his portfolio.
That’s when he went looking for a better alternative.
After a strenuous 10-year search, he eventually found out about the “770” account.
“It’s great,” Robert told me. “Not only have I never lost a single dime in my account, but in three years it’s already grown to over $30,000, tax free. I’ve even used some of the money to buy gold and to go away on a trip.”
It definitely sounded “too good to be true.”
I mean, in all my life as a certified accountant and financial analyst, I’d studied just about every investment out there and not once had I ever come across this unique investment account before.
It wasn’t related to stocks, bonds, CDs, precious metals, or real estate. And although these returns were all but guaranteed over the long term… and one company we found even guaranteed 4% returns… it wasn’t an “annuity” either. (That’s great, because although these have become quite popular of late, they’re not the bastions of security they’re made out to be.)
So I dug head-first into research…
I read whatever materials I could get my hands on—books, old newspaper articles, government records, you name it.
I talked to the wealthiest people I knew.
I talked to experts.
Heck, I even flew down the man widely considered to be the top expert on 770 accounts here to Palm Beach so I could interview him in person!
What I eventually discovered was that, yes, the “770” was in fact a legitimate investment account that had been used in America for over 150 years. And what’s more, it ran totally outside the controls of the U.S. government and Wall Street.

You see, even though this account is 100% legal… you don’t have to report it to the IRS. That’s why it grows (and you can withdraw) your money 100% tax-free—anytime you like.

I believe that’s one of the reasons the government places tight restrictions on the advertising on these accounts… because they can’t make a dime off of them!
But that doesn’t mean politicians and presidents from profiting from these accounts, as we saw earlier.
As you can imagine, I was getting excited…
Here was a way to grow money that was better than Wall St., tax-free, out of earshot from the IRS—and—I couldn’t lose a cent!
But that was just the beginning.
What I discovered next was even more intriguing…
The Secret Behind
America’s Greatest Fortunes
J.C. Penney.
Ray Kroc.
Even the mighty Rothschild family.
What do these great names have in common? They all started (or grew) their massive fortunes thanks to the 770 account.
Let’s take a short trip back to 1929…
We’re smack dab in the middle of the Great Depression, and 9,000 banks are about to go bankrupt—and J.C. Penney’s fledgling chain of clothing stores is about to experience the same fate…
Luckily, J.C. doesn’t keep his money in the bank. He’s got the bulk of his wealth stored in a “770” account, which, by 1929, has grown to over $3,000,000 in value.
But the key question is… is it still safe?
Yes—not a single dime in James Cash Penney’s account would be affected during the depression. Thanks to his “770” account, Penney is able to save his business and today the J.C. Penney chain has grown to over 1,000 stores and is worth $3.4 billion.
But he’s not the only one to rely on this little-known account.
Ray Kroc used his “770” to start McDonald’s…
Doris Christopher, of Pampered Chef fame, used it to launch a $1.5 billion fortune…
And Walt Disney was also a big proponent of the “770,” using $100,000 from his account to fund Disneyland after all the financiers he approached with the idea refused him.
In fact, it’s even rumored the Rockefellers and Rothschilds—two of the richest families in history—also relied heavily on the secret “770” account to grow their family fortunes.
Why only rumors?
Well you see, because these accounts are private agreements between individuals and the “770” providers, it’s very difficult to determine who does and who doesn’t have a 770 account.
That’s another reason the rich love it!
But still, I’ve found compelling evidence in old U.S. Congressional Records that strongly suggest the Rockefellers used this account.
Take a look. Here’s the cover page of this U.S. Congress document. Although I can’t show the 38-page report here in its entirety, it does go on to describe how the family has links into at least six separate 770 provider companies.
Rockefellers’ “770” account — U.S. Congress report, 1974
And what about the Rothschilds?
Well, the fact that one of the family members (Nathan) actually opened up a company providing 770s in 1824 should tell you enough.
As you can see, the “770” is a powerful account that’s been used by some of the world’s richest to amass some of the greatest fortunes ever seen.
But still, you may be wondering… “If this account is so great, why haven’t I heard about it before?”
Good question.
You see, even though government restricts advertising on these accounts (the companies that provide these accounts can’t use words like “investments,” “savings,” or “retirement plan” to describe them—even though that’s what they really are…) that’s only part of the reason.
In fact, the real reason may leave you little mad…
A bit “ticked off”…
Manhattan’s Secret Vault:
Why Wall St. has kept this powerful secret
hidden from you
There’s a very good reason you’ve never heard about the “770” account before:
That’s because Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about it!
And neither do the big banks too, for that matter. (More on this in a minute.)
Now, even though this is the investment account The Wall Street Journal is on record as saying is better than 401(k)s and IRAs... the majority of Americans don’t know it exists.
Well here’s a clue…
I just got off the phone with an insider who works in the 770 industry. This person has worked first-hand with one of America’s biggest financial gurus (a name you’d instantly recognize), as well as several employees from Goldman Sachs and other big investment banks.
And this is what this person said to me: NO ONE in Wall Street has their money in stocks—many of them are invested instead in “770” accounts!
Now, consider what this means…
Here are the same investment professionals who’ve been telling us for years to “buy stocks”… and meanwhile… they’re all putting their money somewhere else!
Can you imagine the outrage this would create if most people found out about this?
That’s why you’ll never hear your broker mention this investment to you, no matter how much money he (or she) has parked into it.
In fact, here’s what Jason Rink, an ex-VP at Chase bank, told us when we recently interviewed him:

“It’s a miracle anyone knows about [these secret 770 accounts] at all… You have to realize there’s a lot of money at stake here. It’s not a mistake the talking heads on TV aren’t talking about these [accounts], the real strategies of wealth.”

And while the mainstream media haven’t picked up on these accounts yet… they have started to realize something “doesn’t smell right” on Wall Street…
According to a recent Morningstar study, out of 2,257 equity
managers investigated, 51% owned ZERO stake in the funds they manage!
And here’s another story off the wire…
One employee from Merrill Lynch (whom I won’t name here) just got caught, in a series of private email exchanges, calling the stocks they recommend pieces of “junk” and “crap”!
It’s enough to make your stomach turn.
These are the investment “professionals” most people depend on for their retirements. For their future well-being.
Is this the type of person you want to put in charge of growing your family’s fortune?
Certainly not me.
But if you can believe it, it actually gets worse…
Your banker’s in on it, too!
Here’s the thing. While many people more or less “suspect” brokers engage in unscrupulous activities (Bernie Madoff, MF Global, etc.), I’d wager the majority of Americans don’t think of their local banker as someone who’s “corrupt.”
But the truth may startle you…
Consider: While you’re getting paid an average of 0.12% in your savings account right now (the national average across America) … bankers are quietly taking this same money… putting it away in their own secret “770” accounts… and earning as much as 37 times more on YOUR money… And they get to keep it!
Well, I don’t know about you, but last time I went to my bank no one told me about this special account, a way I could just as easily earn up to 30-40 times more interest on my money.
It’s sickening.
This is stuff people NEED to know right now… especially those nearing retirement who’ve seen their investment income stripped away to nothing thanks to the FED’s crippling zero-interest rate policy.
In fact, because of lackluster yield, many people are now taking dangerous risks with their capital… and the results will prove to be even more disastrous in the months and years ahead.
Now, I understand if you’re saying…
Yeah, but I’m getting more than 0.12%—I have money locked away in a one-year CD that pays 1%.
That’s great, but three things…
1. You’re still getting screwed 400-500% (I’m currently earning a 5.5% yield in my 770 account, and remember, this is SAFE money that, if history is any indication, is all but guaranteed to go up.)
2. Don’t forget taxes and fees. For example, a 5.5% “770” account (which already includes fees) can be equivalent to a mutual fund that averages a 9.2% return! (That’s considering a 30% tax bracket and 2% fees, which is only HALF the 4% fee Bloomberg reports as being the average for mutual funds.)
3. And lastly, unlike CDs, Treasuries and the like, the money you store in a 770 account is not locked up for months and years.
This is important.
It means that if an emergency or new opportunity comes up, you can access the money in your account fast. Plus, you don’t have to pay any penalties to withdraw your money! (Compare that to 401(k)s, for example, where you can only withdraw a maximum of $50,000 and you can also get slapped with 10% early withdrawal penalties).
That’s why it’s so important you get this information today. This account could literally save the retirement of thousands and even millions of Americans today.
I’ll show you how to open an account soon, but first, there’s just one last thing about bankers I have to share with you before we move on…
Over $140 BILLION Socked Away
Take a look at the following chart:
Bank of America invests nearly 20 times more in its own “770” account
than it spent on its billion-dollar headquarters
What you’re looking at (in green) is the amount of money Bank of America has stored in its own “770” account$18.5 BILLION!
To put that in perspective, that’s almost twenty times more than the money they spent on their 2.1 million-square foot headquarters in Manhattan—the second highest building in New York City, located just a couple of blocks south from Times Square.
And in fact, when you crunch the numbers, you’ll find Bank of America has got more socked away in their “770” accounts than the total amount it cost to build their entire 5,600 branch buildings across America!
But they’re not the only ones putting away monster sums of money in secret “770” accounts. Chances are your bank is doing it too.
Consider this:
•   Citibank has $4.5 billion hidden away in their own 770 account
•   JPMorgan Chase has $9.8 billion
•   And get this, Wells Fargo has over $19.3 billion invested in “770” accounts… twice as much as they have invested in ALL their bank premises!
All told, over 4,000 banks have $140 billion invested in “770” accounts.
And again, you’re not seeing a single red cent of these higher returns credited to your account. All you get is the pesky 0-1% returns they thrown our way.
Now, let me ask you a question:

Am I the only one who finds it crazy these bankers prefer stuffing money away in “770” accounts rather than in their own banks??

I hope not!
And while it may seem absurd, I actually can’t say that I blame them…
You see, according to FDIC records (the FDIC is the federal entity that insures our bank deposits against losses), there have been 499 bank failures in America since 2000.
No wonder these bankers don’t even trust themselves!
That’s why one CEO from a Midwestern bank told his advisor “770” accounts were the bank’s “best-performing” investment and that he’d ordered his executives to put into this account “the maximum amount that the laws and regulators would allow.”
Now, while our source didn’t reveal this specific CEO’s identity, we did try contacting one Midwestern bank’s CEO. However, as soon as he heard what we wanted to discuss with him, he refused to talk.
Go figure.
But big bankers and the crooks on Wall Street aren’t the only ones who’ve discovered this account. Corporate America has gotten in on the action too…
Wal-Mart, for example, takes advantage of the “770.”
So does GE, Comcast, Disney, Johnson & Johnson, Harley-Davidson, Gannett, Verizon, and nearly 700 other Fortune 1,000 companies
In fact, Wal-Mart believes so much in this idea that at one time they had more than 300,000 separate (corporate versions) of these accounts!
Now, you might be wondering why these big companies love this account…
Here’s the thing.
These companies have some of the largest executive payrolls around. They have absolutely gigantic retirement packages to fund (Comcast’s CEO Brian Robert, for example, is owed a $223 million pension over the course of his retirement). And to meet these obligations, these companies haven’t found a better way to grow their money (and make sure it’s there when they need it) than by investing in the “770” account.
But you don’t have to be a Fortune 500 executive, banker, or Rockefeller to take advantage of this plan…
In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich, poor, old, young, married or single—practically every person in America can take advantage of a “770” account.
Here’s how you can do it…
How to Retire 100% Tax-Free
Hi, my name is Tom Dyson.
As I mentioned earlier, I’m a certified (forensic) accountant by trade.
While working at the trading desks of Salomon Brothers and Citibank in London, I used to oversee billions of dollars in trades each day. We sometimes cleared more than $1 million in profits in a single day, and I was paid handsomely for my work.
But although I was doing well for myself, deep down I knew something didn’t feel right.
You see, helping rich bankers get richer wasn’t my idea of fun.
And although banking runs deep in my family’s blood (my father was a banker and my grandfather was chairman of the prestigious Barclays bank in London), in 2006, I cut my ties with the banking industry for good and came to America.
Since then, I’ve been helping one of the world’s largest financial publishing companies make better investment recommendations for their readers:
•   In 2006, for example, I recommended McDonald’s when no other analyst would touch the stock with a 10-foot pole. (This was after the Super Size Me documentary and other bad press beset the fast-food giant.) But my research saw things differently.

As a result, people who followed my recommendation back then have now turned every $10,000 they invested into $24,390.
•   And in 2008, as the markets crumbled, I suggested my readers load up on Altria and Enterprise, two companies I’d uncovered that were primed for big growth. Readers who followed my recommendations back then are now sitting on gains of 157.2% and 217.9%, respectively, for these two picks.
Today, I still share my investment research and findings through a research service called The Palm Beach Letter, which is read by more than 35,000 people in 104 countries around the world.
The aim of this advisory is to help investors earn safe, above-average gains in what has easily become the most challenging investment environment of our time.
And I think we’ve done pretty well for our readers so far…
In fact, as of this presentation, 28 of the 28 recommendations in our model portfolio are in the black, with most of them returning double-digit returns.
And our readers have taken notice, too…
Take a look. Here are some of the letters we’ve received at our office here in Palm Beach, Florida. All told, we’ve received more than 1,200 personal letters and emails praising our work.
It’s all been very gratifying.
But here’s the thing… I say this not to brag but rather to make a point.
You see, although I’ve been able to help thousands of people make big gains in an otherwise listless market, the idea I’ve been sharing with you today is by far the most important thing you should be doing with your money right now.
This is more important than real estate, precious metals, stocks, and every other investment you can think of.
Because there’s nothing else like it.
Where else can you find an investment opportunity that:
1.   Has paid out for 121 consecutive years
2.   Has guaranteed results in some cases
3.   Grows (and can be withdrawn) 100% tax-free
4.   Offers returns 4-5 times better than “similar” investments
5.   And where you can actually access your money whenever you like, with no penalties or fuss whatsoever!
So what’s the catch?
Look, the thing about the “770” investment account is that it won’t allow you to double your money in six months. There’s a reason this works, and it’s because it doesn’t promise you “unreal” get-rich-quick results.
But still, a tax-free 5% return in today’s climate is a godsend for most retirees or soon-to-be retirees (and if you don’t think so, clearly you haven’t looked at what most banks are offering nowadays).
Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t still play around in the stock market. Far from it. You can dabble in stocks while also setting up a secure “770” account today.
That’s what I do.

​In fact, I believe so strongly in the “770” that I’ve now put away more than 20% of my family’s net worth into this account.

It’s become my single-largest investment.
I’ve even opened up accounts for each of my three children, and because of this decision, they’ll now be financially set for life. (My oldest son, for example, will have about $4 million in his account by the time he retires.)
Okayso how do you start an account?
Well, I recently shared all the details on the “770” account with my Palm Beach Letter subscribers in a report called The Secret Investment Account: How to Fund Your Own Worry-Free, 100% Tax-Free Retirement.”
The report is short, simple, and easy to understand.
Here’s a brief look at what it contains…
As I mentioned before, the “770” account runs totally outside the controls of Washington and Wall Street. That means, unlike your standard 401(k) or IRA, there are no forms whatsoever to submit to the U.S. government.

I’ll show you how to get started easily—including who to contact and what to say. You can start your account for as little as $300 (or even less).
Here’s the important thing to remember: The companies that administer “770” accounts are NOT listed on the stock market! That means they work only in your best interests, not in the interests of outside stockholders. That’s part of the reason these companies have a safer track record than banks.
The report also covers how 770 accounts provide such attractive returns…
You see, BY LAW, these companies have to pay out 100% of their dividends to you and other “770” account owners. This is huge! In fact, one company that started in 1857 (four years before the Civil War) has now paid out over $64 BILLION in dividends to “770” account holders. But that’s only part of the reason their returns are so generous. See report for full details…
Within an hour, you’ll be able to zip through the report and know exactly how to set up your own 770 account… something not 1 American in 1,500 knows how to do.
You’ll also be able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing you can finally get your retirement back on track and not have to risk your nest egg in the roller-coaster ride that is the stock market.
You’ll be able to enjoy life—take vacations, play golf, go out to eat as often as you like—without spending every waking moment worrying about how your “investments” are doing.
That’s the freedom the 770 account affords.
And because of how crucial this information is, I’ve decided to send you a copy of this report absolutely free of charge. All I ask is in return is that you give my investment research service, The Palm Beach Letter, a try.
Here’s a bit more about our service …
Safe Income, and Lots of It
In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a big fan of safety.
Maybe it’s because of my accounting background, but I’ve never enjoyed taking big risks with my money.
That’s why I love the 770 account. And it’s also why for most of my career as an investment analyst I’ve focused on stocks that provide safe, reliable income.
In fact, I’ve studied everything from shipping stocks, pipeline stocks, BDCs, closed-end funds, REITs, resource trusts, MLPs, preferred stocks, convertible bonds, regional banks, blue-chip stocks… and dozens more.
And it’s this same safe, income-based approach that forms the basis of the Palm Beach Letter model portfolio.

You see, while the 770 account now forms the crux of our financial strategy and lies outside the stock market, we also supplement this with a few carefully chosen stock recommendations…

But here’s the secret.
While many people are now turning to dividends in search for yield, the simple fact is that most people are turning to the wrong ones!
The Coca-Colas and Johnson & Johnsons of the world are great and do have their places in a well-balanced portfolio… but if you want to maximize your chances of compounding wealth as quickly as possible through dividends, you have to focus on the blue-chip stocks of tomorrow.
And your best bet of doing that is through a special class of dividend-paying stocks we’ve uncovered called the relentless dividend raisers.
(In fact, I hired a full-time researcher with a degree in actuarial statistics to help me build a comprehensive list of these stocks. After we finished screening all 15,000 stocks trading in America, only 17 made the cut!)
The dividends these companies pay are bigger and grow faster.
But chances are, you’ve never heard of these companies before.
That’s because most of these are small, little-known companies that toil away in boring and decidedly “unsexy” industries.
For example, one company we recommended in 2011 is a small French perfume manufacturer that trades on the Nasdaq called Inter Parfums.
We liked the company for a variety of reasons: It had high margins, heavy insider ownership, and, most of all, it had six straight years of dividend increases averaging 50% per year. Today, Palm Beach Letter subscribers who took our advice are already up 57% on this pick, while collecting healthy dividends to boot.
But there are also five more stocks right now that deserve your attention, even more so than Inter Perfums
We’ve put together every detail about these five relentless dividend earners in a special report called “The 552% Income Boost—The Dividend Diluvia.” This report gives our detailed research on why each of these five dividend superstars is primed for spectacular dividend growth over the next coming years.
This report, like your report on “770” accounts, comes free when you begin your trial of The Palm Beach Letter.
Now, you may be wondering… Is The Palm Beach Letter right for my specific situation?
While we have subscribers in many different fields and financial situations, only you will be able to tell for sure.
However, there’s one way for sure I can tell this isn’t for you…
Not Powerball
If you’re looking to make “10 times” your money in the next three months, you can stop watching this video right now. This is certainly not the right publication for you.
I don’t gamble with the recommendations I make for my paying readers, who trust me for my insights.
You see, there’s a reason lotteries offer high “returns,” and that’s because… most people lose!
The saying “The greater the risk, the greater the return” is a myth perpetuated by stockbrokers to make it okay for them to lose your money.
The rich have another saying. And it goes like this

“The greater the risk, the greater the chance of loss!”

That’s our philosophy. We’ll never hide what we really think, even though it’s not the most popular opinion out there. We tell you what you really need to know to make money. Not some pipe dream.
For example, here’s another technique we’ve uncovered that allows investors to make modest gains… time after time.
In fact, with this method you can extract money from what I call the “secondary” stock market 95% of the time.
No, you won’t make triple-digit returns with this play. However, I’m willing to bet when you see the results (and consistency) we’ve already received with this strategy, you won’t really mind these “modest” gains…
$83,000 in Seven Months
While I was working in London at the trading desks of Citigroup and Salomon Brothers, we used a secret strategy to make money on almost every trade.
I call this the “banker’s code.”
You see, the “banker’s code” works for the very same reason casinos always come out ahead: The system is hard-wired in their favor!
While most people invest in the stock market “hoping” their stock will go up, the rich don’t hope. They put their money on the “sure bets,” the ones proven to produce money time and time again. (You see, if most people lose on the stock market, that means some people are winning most of the time.)
Does this technique work?
Consider this…
42 out of 44 of the “Banker Code” full-trade cycles we recommended are winners.
In fact, in one stretch alone, we made 33 consecutive winning recommendations. Brian M., one of our subscribers, tells us he’s “earned $83,000 in just seven months” by using this strategy. And it’s also helped put my dad’s retirement back on track after the 2008 crash totally decimated his portfolio.
Now, unfortunately, that’s about all I can tell you about this strategy here, because I’ve kept the specifics reserved for my paying subscribers.
However, we’ve put all the details together on how you can take advantage of this strategy in a special report called “The Banker’s Code: How to Make Money 95% of the Time on the ‘Secondary Stock Market.’”
This report is easy to read and just as easy to put into action. And if you’re going to play the markets at all, this is one strategy you absolutely need to know.
In fact, the Dalbar financial research firm recently released a report that showed investors only “guessed right” in the market 42% of the time last year. With this strategy, you could boost your win ratio to making money 95% of the time.
Doesn’t it make sense to put all the odds in your favor?
I think so. That’s why I also want to send you this report free of charge just for giving The Palm Beach Letter a try.
Okay, so how do you know if The Palm Beach Letter is right for you?
If you’re like most readers, you’ll want solid recommendations that bring above-average returns and let you sleep well at night.
Well Linda, one subscriber, wrote in to tell us that since joining our research service last April she’s up 78% so far.
Another subscriber, Kelly Briscoll, told of how she’d “just about given up” on finding a way to preserve and grow her earnings before finding our service.
And here’s another comment we recently found on an independent third-party website:
Now, that’s all fine and dandy, but since I can’t be 100% sure our letter is a fit for you, here’s what I suggest…
Take One Full Year to Decide
I’d like you to take the next full year to decide if The Palm Beach Letter is right for you.
That means you can take advantage of a full year’s guidance absolutely risk-free and take the time to determine if you like what you see.
You’ll get to view 12 full issues of the letter, with a new issue arriving straight in your inbox on the first Thursday of every month.
You’ll also get immediate access to our full archive of past issues, as well as to our full suite of research reports.
And of course, we’ll send you the three research reports I’ve already told you about in this video.
1.   “The Secret Investment Account: How to Fund Your Own Worry-Free, 100% Tax-Free Retirement
2.   “The 552% Income Boost—The Dividend Diluvia”
3.   And “The Banker’s Code: How to Make Money 95% of the Time on the ‘Secondary Stock Market.”
Take a full year to review everything at your own leisure.
Re-read the issues and reports. Send me your questions. And even put some of these ideas into practice…
Then, if you don’t like any single thing you read within the next year, just say the word and we will gladly refund 100% of your purchase price, no questions asked.
Does that sound fair?
Okay, by now I’m sure you’re wondering about price… How much is this all going to cost me?
Well, it’s much less than you might expect, especially when you consider the “770” account can provide you with thousands of dollars a month in a worry-free, tax-free retirement. (My friend Mike, for example, is using his account to fund what will turn out to be a $100,000-a-month retirement!)
But before I give you the specifics, there’s one more opportunity I’d like to tell you about. I recommend you take advantage of this situation soon...
America’s Next Great Oil Boom
It’s no secret that an incredible energy boom is taking place in America right now.
It’s all thanks to the “shale” energy explosion and the new “fracking” process, which allows drillers to extract oil horizontally (i.e., “from the side” and not “standing up”).
As a result of this breakthrough, oilrigs from Texas to North Dakota are now humming with activity.
In fact, so much new oil is coming into the pipeline the International Energy Agency recently said America could become the world’s largest oil producer by 2020… outstripping Russia and even Saudi Arabia!
It’s amazing.
But while most investors are focused on the explorers and producers—the companies that find the deposits and bring the oil to market—there’s a third group of companies involved in the oil boom everyone has completely overlooked… so far.
I call these the “third-wave oil companies.” These are the ones that will continue to prosper long after the oilrigs come to a screeching halt. This is the ultimate “safe play” on oil, and it’s how seasoned investors are taking advantage of the coming boom.
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