“The Golden Cross”...
Is It the Greatest 
Investment Secret Ever Played? 
This rare, little-known strategy only works under specific market conditions. For the past 38 years it has been out of reach... but the window has just opened once more.
Discover how it made these 7 people very rich and how you could cash in as well...
Dear Reader, 
They started life together as humble teachers, but when they passed away, Don and Mildred Ollinger were worth well over $750 million... thanks to the secret of “The Golden Cross.”  
Bill Starget was once a poor office clerk. Those days are long gone. He now lives a life of luxury, driving nice cars, traveling by private jet around the world and golfing in places like Fiji and Singapore.
What made the difference? Like the Ollingers, “The Golden Cross” changed Bill’s life.
These may sound like investment fairy tales... but they are true.
Bill, Don, and Mildred are not alone. In fact, there are many other people just like them who became rich because they took advantage of the Golden Cross.
For example, Steve Williams saw a Golden Cross form over 30 years ago and took advantage of it, making him millions.
When talking about his Golden Cross opportunity, Mr. Williams said, “You find yourself getting richer and richer... ”.  
Or what about Bob and Larry Tisch? Using the Golden Cross, they helped investors create their own fortunes. (And, as you’ll see in a minute, they are worth billions... ) 
If we had time, I could tell you about thousands of other investors who have reaped millions from the Golden Cross. But to be sure you understand the power of this investment strategy, let me tell you the story of Gilfford Crozier.
Gifford was a struggling money manager in Los Angeles.
In the early 1980s, he saw that a unique window of opportunity was about to close. Wanting to play it safe, he made a relatively small investment.
He got in at $340... and then, just a few years later, his investment shot up to $8,350... a stunning gain of 2,097.3%.  
But that was nothing, compared to what happened over the following years. Today, his shares are worth more than 40 times their original price, making him a millionaire many, many times over.
He says, “‘It’s as if my life went from black and white to color.”  
That is the power of the Golden Cross.
Understanding the Golden Cross...
In a minute, I’ll outline every detail of what a “Golden Cross” is... including why it is urgent that you act now to take advantage of this rare opportunity.
Let me start by explaining what a Golden Cross is not...  
A Golden Cross is not about options. It is not gold mining stock or any other kind of precious metal investment.
It does not include investing in bonds or engaging in a series of risky day trades. You don’t have to track candles, look for spikes, or understand the complex politics of Wall Street.
In fact, the “Golden Cross” is so simple you don’t even have to understand much about stocks or investing... Bill and the Ollingers certainly didn’t. Yet they became incredibly wealthy anyway.
I believe you can too.
A Rare Window That Opens Up 
Once Every 30-40 Years (on average) 
The “Golden Cross” is a window of opportunity that opens only once every thirty to forty years. But when it opens, those who know what to look for... and are shrewd enough to be looking... can reap immense, life-changing returns.
The last time the window opened was 1994. And we’ve been waiting patiently for it to open again.
And that’s why I’m writing to you today.
The “Golden Cross” window is open right now. It is time to act before the opportunity slips past us once again.
I want to explain this unique and amazing investment idea to you immediately so that you have a chance to understand it and take advantage of it before the window closes.
So, What Is The Golden Cross? 
Over the next few minutes, I’m going to give you full details on the “Golden Cross”... including what you need to do right now to profit from this rare opportunity.
I’m also going to show you what happened the last time the window opened. You will meet more people who got rich from a “Golden Cross.” 
But you must be prepared to act. Because of its simplicity, 90%-plus of the people who see this report will let it pass by without realizing what they have missed.
Answer this question: 
If, in the next few minutes, I can convince you that this is a genuine opportunity to acquire great wealth and retire (if you want) in comfort and style, are you prepared to take action? 
If your answer was anything other than “yes!” please put this letter aside. There is no point in your reading any further.
And frankly, we have no interest in letting the entire world in on this strategy. But we are happy to share it with the shrewd and “ready” 10% who recognize a great investment when it presents itself.
The Golden Cross in Simple English 
If you are still reading, I want to introduce a very unusual financial publication. Unlike just about every other financial newsletter out there, our objective is not to make stock recommendations that may or may not beat the market.
Our one and only objective is to help our readers become wealthier every day.
We do that by providing them with more and better wealth-building research and recommendations than any other publication we know of.
To achieve that, subscribers not only get a steady stream of recommendations designed to safely yield 8-12% returns each year. They also get an entirely separate wealth-building newsletter written personally by a man who has personally grown a multimillion-dollar fortune (through bull and bear market alike).  
But before I get off track, let me tell you about the Golden Cross.
The Golden Cross is very simple...  
If I had to explain it as an equation, it would look like this: 
Market Crash 
Slow Recovery 
Cash-Rich Insurance Company 
Genius Money Manager 
Geometric Returns 
In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Bill Starget and Don and Mildred Ollinger invested with a personal friend who happened to be an investment genius. His name was Warren Buffett.
Yes, THE Warren Buffett.
Back then, Buffett knew a lot about investing.
But by his own account, he could have never made the billions he made were it not for taking advantage of a Golden Cross situation.
In other words, Buffett was a great investor, but the greatest thing he ever did was take advantage of a rare but amazing window of opportunity that opened up for him some forty years ago.
Let’s go back to the equation I showed you earlier. The window for the Golden Cross opens up when all of the following elements are in place: 
1.   First, you need a major market crash. Stocks are cheap... companies are hungry for cash... it is a perfect time to buy... if you have cash and know what you are doing.
2.   Second, you need a slow recovery period. A big drop, followed by rapid recovery, does nothing for quantum growth. The reason being that people get back their confidence and begin buying again. This pushes prices back up too fast for Golden Cross investors to get in at the right price. 
3.   Third, you need access to large quantities of liquid cash. All the opportunity in the world is nothing without the cash to take fast and immediate action. And, as you’ll see in a minute, nothing spins off ready cash like a well-run insurance company. 
4.   Fourth, you need a true investment genius. This is essential. You cannot do it without a brilliant money manager to create the growth. There were many people who began investing at the same time as Buffett... but they did not have his genius. 
When you combine these four elements in one investment, you have a rare opportunity for Golden Cross-type returns.
The Golden Cross Window Is Open Now 
Look at these two charts of the S&P 500. One from the 1970s (the period when Bill Starget and the Ollingers took advantage of the Golden Cross)... the other from today.  
In both cases, you can see a massive drop in the market, followed by a gradual return. This pattern is ideal for the formation of Golden Crosses. In each case, within about 10 years of decline, the market conditions were such that a Golden Cross was not really possible.
In other words, the window of opportunity is typically very short.
When the market is like this (as it is right now), all we need is a true money genius and a well-managed, cash-gushing insurance company.
I’m writing to you today because I believe my research team and I have found exactly that.  
Right now, there is a Golden Cross opportunity too good to pass up... and I will show you exactly how to take advantage of it for maximum (low-risk) returns.
But first, let me tell explain one more thing that makes right now the ideal time to become wealthy with the Golden Cross...  
One More Element Accelerates the Golden Cross: 
Stormy Politics 
It also helps to have an environment of political distrust.
Remember the political turmoil of the 1970s? Richard Nixon? Jimmy Carter? The oil crisis of 1973? The Iranian Revolution of 1979... and the resulting energy crisis? 
These events are disturbingly similar to today’s political arena of brutal elections, socialist policies, staggering oil prices, and wars and threats of war everywhere you look.
The markets are moved by emotion. When political times are shaky, money dries up, people get fearful. The average investor following conventional wisdom gets slaughtered.
Unrest also makes people skeptical. This gives the Golden Cross time to form and take root, without being gobbled up by the masses. This is important, as you’ll see in a minute.
And the reality is that in the markets, when someone is losing, there is someone else winning. But in cases like this, it is only the really smart investors (with ready access to cash) who have enough experience, and enough cash, to really make money in this kind of chaos.
39 Years Ago...
The last time we saw the convergence of these elements was in the 1970s.
But by the mid-1980s and flowing all the way into the end of 2007, the market was rising, politics were pretty stable, and when the market did take a dive—as in 1987, 1990, and 2000—recovery was fairly quick.
It was a nice time for buy-and-hold growth and safe investing... but horrible for quantum returns. There was simply no room for the quantum returns of a Golden Cross... no matter how brilliant the money manager was or how cash heavy the insurance company was.
The Window Is Open.
But It Won’t Stay Open Forever! 
That all changed in 2008 when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt.
Four years later, we still have not seen a real recovery... politics are more chaotic than ever... and people are scared stiff about what the future holds.
This is a perfect environment for a Golden Cross... but it will not last... and most people will miss it.
As I’ll explain in a minute, the upcoming election... or a collapse in Europe... or a move by the Chinese... could instantly close the window. The time to act on this is now.  
I believe you can get wealthy like Bill, Steve, Bob, and the Ollingers, but first, I need to introduce you to a publication that could very well transform your financial future.  
A Gift That Will Richly Reward You 
Hello, my name is Tom Dyson. I am the publisher of The Palm Beach Letter.  
For the past six years, I have spent almost every waking moment researching and writing about the best and safest of conservative income investments. The income-focused newsletter I wrote, The 12% Letter, became one of the most popular research advisories in America.  
But recently I teamed up with a good friend of mine to create something completely different.
His name is Mark Ford. And over the years I’ve known him, I have observed firsthand a rare gift that I haven’t seen in anyone else.  
What is this gift? 
I don’t know that there is a name for it.  
But the effect is that he has a knack for helping other people rich.
In many cases, millionaires.
I once asked him how many millionaires he has directly helped create.  
His answer was that it was impossible to know... but he believes a conservative number might be a dozen... maybe two-dozen.  
The number of those making a solid six-figure income because of Mark could well be many times higher than that.
Seeing Rare Opportunities 
One of the reasons I believe that Mark is able to help so many people become so wealthy is his ability to see things differently than most people.  
For example, in the 1980s, Mark was working for a direct-mail company. He was an editor at the time—but saw that there was a serious demand in the industry that no one was addressing.  
So he approached his boss about creating a new division and meeting the demand. The owner was not sure but trusted Mark just enough to let him take on the project 
That project made both Mark and his boss millionaires many times over... and several other people involved drastically increased their lifestyles and incomes.
From Investing... to Health... to Personal Development...
Over the years, Mark has enjoyed an unmistakable track record for helping other people become rich...  
He has done this with companies specializing in health, nutrition, and wellness.  
He has done it with collectibles, gadgets, and widgets.  
He has done it with real estate, the stock market, and bonds.  
He has done it business development, personal development, and education.  
And he is doing it today with the wealth-building and investment insights he shares in the pages of The Palm Beach Letter.  
In the short period of time since it was first published, we have received more than 1,250 testimonials praising the safe and profitable investment strategies. For example:  
The Palm Beach Letter has been completely life altering. I feel so blessed to have stumbled across the newsletter. I knew there was a better way to invest than what “conventional wisdom” taught. This is it! 
Jon Wilburn, Greenville, S.C.
The Palm Beach Letter has and is giving my wife and me peace of mind with our investment funds. We are more aware of what the world of money management (mismanagement) offers. The Palm Beach Letter is honest and forthright, with the gift of common sense in the economic ups and downs. We thank you for being at the helm with us on our “Investment Ship” in the Sea of Economic Challenges.
R and C Vom Steeg, Hemet, Calif.
I appreciate Mark Ford’s no nonsense approach to wealth generation. The Palm Beach Letter has helped me solidify my strategy on investing.
Butch Wells, Garden City, Idaho 
Today, Mark and I see that a rare window of opportunity has opened up once again... just as it did in the late 1960s and 1970s.  
I believe this open window could help you enjoy the type of returns that would not be possible under normal circumstances.  
The key lies in the Golden Cross. Let me tell show you another example of how much wealth the Golden Cross has created for others... and possibly could create for you.
The Tisch Brothers Make $15 Billion 
From the Golden Cross 
Bob and Larry Tisch bought their first hotel in 1948.
By 1970, they were doing around $100 million in revenues, but profits were almost non-existent.  
It was then that they put the Golden Cross to work. They used their holding company, Loews, to operate it. Within 10 years, revenues were running at over $3 billion and profit margins were high. And by 2002, they were bringing in over $15 billion, with assets of over $70 billion.  
What does this mean for you?  
A modest $15,000 investment would have turned into a stunning $1,905,000... not including dividends and other special payouts.
Holding Companies: 
The Leverage Point Of The Golden Cross 
Holding companies are the foundation of the Golden Cross.  
Let me be clear... not every holding company can or does employ the Golden Cross. But every Golden Cross is wrapped inside a holding company.  
This is because the Golden Cross does not work unless you can control—and then leverage—a variety of companies together.  
Of itself, there is no magic in holding companies’ structures. They are very common. As you know, each holding company consists of a parent company that owns 80% or more of other companies.  
For example, Procter & Gamble is actually just a very large holding company. The brand name “Tide” is one of their holdings. To control and protect that brand name, P&G created another subsidiary that actually owns the laundry soap-manufacturing facilities.  
Another company is formed to provide packaging, distribution, marketing, etc...  
This allows P&G to insulate each subsidiary company against negative events (such as lawsuits).
Most major companies work this way.  
Ford does not make parts for its cars... Motorcraft does.  
Kraft does not make gum or crackers... that is done by Trident and Nabisco.  
(And, of course, Kraft is owned by Philip Morris, the world’s largest tobacco product manufacturer. And, as you might suspect, Philip Morris is just part of another group of companies under the parent umbrella of a company called Altria Inc.) 
I could go on, because, as I said, holding companies are very common. Yet, by contrast, the formation and use of the Golden Cross are very rare.
Why Doesn’t Wall Street See The Golden Cross? 
I have often wondered why Wall Street and big-league investors never see a Golden Cross until long after it has proven to make a handful of people exponential returns.  
I think it is because it is standing out in the open, wrapped in the ordinary, plain, vanilla packaging of a holding company.  
For example, when the Tisch brothers went looking for money for their first hotel, the only place they could get money was from relatives. Wall Street-type investors and banks would not touch them.  
Even after they had proven their success and had added MGM Studios and other prizes to their holdings, Wall Street ignored them, their stock trading at under 30 cents.  
Today, that has all changed. Loews has close to $50 billion in cash reserves to add new holdings, and every retail investor on Wall Street is anxious to get a piece of the pie. And who can blame them? Loews frequently outperforms the world’s best stocks... sometimes by 100%.
This turnaround is a direct result of how the Tisch family made use of the Golden Cross opportunity.
The same thing happened to Warren Buffett. Family and neighbors like Don and Mildred were the only ones who could see past his Midwest casual personality and at the real investing genius that we know today.  
A “Nickel Bus” Goes From $8.33 to $525.25...
Let me give you one last example of how professional investors and Wall Street can be totally blind to the formation of a Golden Cross... and are even ignorant about how to profit from it.  
I have to emphasize this for you...  
Your typical broker, sophisticated investor, and Wall Street expert, does not understand the Golden Cross wealth strategy. Because of this, they invariably miss out on the biggest returns.  
Samuel Markel found that out in the late 1920s.  
Now, you have to understand that when Samuel began his company in 1929, the market conditions were not right for the formation of a Golden Cross.  
But Samuel was a visionary. It might be said that he was one of the first people to understand the Golden Cross strategy and attempt to employ it.  
His first effort was to create an insurance company for “jitney buses”... which he had to finance by pooling a great deal of his own money and money from private investors outside of Wall Street.  
During the Roaring ‘20s, World War I veterans were returning and looking for work. They realized that they could take freight-hauling trucks and convert them to mass-transportation vehicles... a sort of precursor to public transportation.  
The fare to ride anywhere in the city was a nickel... or what folks in the 1920s called a “jitney.”  
His “jitney bus” venture was a success and led to many other efforts to put the Golden Cross to work. But the ultimate success of that strategy did not happen until the late 1970s, when market conditions were finally ripe.  
Samuel had taught his twin sons, Stanley and Milton, his financial ideas. They put his ideas to good use. In 1978, seeing an opportunity to finally make the Golden Cross work for them, they began an aggressive string of purchases. Their first move was to buy up a controlling interest in the Hogg Robinson Group.  
In 1986, their shares sold for $8.33. But in recent years, they have sold for as much as $525.25. This is an impressive growth rate... which would have made investors $929,550 off a modest $15,000 investment.  
A Seven-Year Window of Opportunity 
Bill Starget invested in Berkshire Hathaway in 1978... four years after the market crashed, or just about the time Mr. Buffett was forming his first Golden Cross.
About seven years later—in the early 1980s—the opportunity was gone.  
History shows that the sweet spot for investing in—and wildly profiting from—a Golden Cross is about seven years following a major market crash... while the company is growing at 20% or higher.  
After that, the money is good, but nothing like the five- and six-digit returns we have been talking about today.  
So it is important to note that the S&P hit a low spot in March 2009.
The conditions were right, and I knew that somewhere, a young Warren Buffett... or Larry Tisch... or Samuel Markel would emerge and make a few far-sighted investors very wealthy.  
I’m writing to you today because I believe I have found a new “Golden Cross” in its early stages.  
I know the players and the companies involved. I believe that in the coming years, we will see this combination begin a silent, unnoticed run in massive profits.  
I also believe that this will continue for several decades to come... despite the financial and political chaos happening all around us.
The Golden Cross Provides Immediate Gains 
and Long-Term Wealth 
I think that by now, it should be clear that the Golden Cross wealth strategy has the potential to create massive long-term riches. But it is not just a long-term play.  
If you look at any of the companies we have been talking about, you will see that after the initial formation of the Golden Cross, their stocks saw nice double-digit returns, with gradual, safe, reasonable climbs into triple-digit numbers.  
But unlike so many other companies that have this kind of growth, they didn’t rapidly fall back into single- and double-digit returns. They kept growing... and growing... until they were into the four-, five-, and six-digit range.  
The Triple Crown of Investing 
Do you remember Secretariat? 
He holds the record for the fastest Triple Crown winner... and the fastest time in history (by far) for the Belmont Stakes. He won that race by more than 31 lengths.
I’m telling you this because investments are like horses. Some are built for speed over short distances... and some are built for the long haul. But rarely do you ever see both together.  
That is why the Triple Crown is so hard to win.  
It includes sprints and long-distance races. And most horses simply cannot perform in both.
Most companies... most stocks... most investments... are the same.  
Some can bring in immediate, strong returns... but you’d better keep your eye on them and be willing to sell when their luck runs out.  
Others can bring you great returns... but you’d better be willing to hold them five, 10, or 20 years.  
But companies that qualify as true “Golden Crosses” have true “Triple Crown” potential. Let me explain...  
The Golden Cross Is Fueled With Insurance...
A Major Cash Cow 
When you think about Buffett’s best investments, what comes to your mind? 
See’s Candies? Coca-Cola? Wells Fargo? Geico? American Express? 
If you guessed Geico, you would not be far from the mark.  
Every Golden Cross begins with a well-run insurance company.  
Insurance is something we all use. Cars, houses, property... there is scarcely anything that you can’t get insurance for these days.  
Coverage for all of these things creates a river of cash by way of the premiums you pay.  
How Insurance Companies Really Make Their Money 
Paul has a 30-year life insurance policy. He pays his life insurance in monthly installments.  
Paul started his policy in 2008, so the insurance company is going to be receiving Paul’s monthly payments for another 26 years.  
Unless Paul dies, these monthly payments will gush cash for the life insurance company for the next three decades.
The insurance company sets aside a small amount of that money, and it gets to invest the rest.  
Assuming Paul is still alive in 2038, not only does the insurance company get to keep all of Paul’s premium, but it also gets the benefit of 30 years of investment returns on that money.
The Revenue Engine of “The Float” 
In this way, insurance companies “float” the money. It’s a key part of their business.
In 2011, insurance companies in the United States lost a staggering $142.3 billion on paying for claims. Yet, in that same year, those same companies made a very nice $64.8 billion in profits.
How do you lose so much and still amass such a large pile of money? 
You never know... and it is impossible to predict... when a policyholder is going to file a claim. But until they do, insurance companies “invest the float” and make their money by leveraging all the money they have in reserve.  
It Has To Be Managed Just Right 
Here is where the magic of the Golden Cross begins to happen...  
The insurance company—if it is managed right—creates an endless stream of cash.  
When you have a world-class investor like Warren Buffett managing this pile of growing money over a period of 30 or 40 years, billion-dollar fortunes result.
The trick—and why the formation of a Golden Cross is so rare— is because there are so few brilliant investors like Buffett out there. And Wall Street and other investors ignore those who are out there until it is plain and obvious that they can leverage money better than anyone else.
You have to spot them early to enjoy the really big gains.  
And, as I said, I believe I have identified the formation of a perfect Golden Cross that could make investors like you and me a huge amount of wealth.  
Brilliant Underwriter + Brilliant Investor = Unreal Returns 
Consider, once again, the power of this wealth strategy...  
If you had invested $100,000 into Berkshire Hathaway back in 1964, you’d be a billionaire today.
If you had invested $10,000 into Berkshire Hathaway in 1982, you’d be a millionaire today.
With Loews, a $100,000 investment in 1987 would be worth over $1 million today. But this number does not count spinoffs, regular dividends, and special dividends that would make this return much higher.
Any of these companies would still make great investments today. You’ll compound your money at 10% per year, and you’ll do fine.
But to get rich—really rich—from a Golden Cross, you have to invest in a company in the beginning, before anyone has heard about it. You need to get in when it is growing fast and is still compounding capital well above 20% per year.
And, as I said, I have identified the formation of a new Golden Cross.  
It’s a brand-new cash pipeline delivering money to an investing genius... and it’s only been around since 2006.  
It’s already cranking out returns above 20% per year, despite the weak economy we’re in right now.
Let me tell you about it and how you could profit from it, starting today...  
The Genius Investor 
Takes Up The Golden Cross 
The Golden Cross that I have discovered is being executed by one of the greatest—and least-known—investment geniuses of our day.  
He started his hedge fund at the age of 25 with just $900,000.
He is not your typical hard-charging hedge fund manager. He is mild-mannered, polite, and speaks deliberately and softly. He was born in Demarest, N.J., and moved to Milwaukee when he was seven. His formal education is in government—not economics or business—from Cornell University.
His father was a banker who worked on mergers and acquisitions of companies. His parents gave him nearly all of the capital to start his fund.
His investment prowess is matched by his stamina. He wakes up at 2:00 a.m. every morning to begin his day but makes certain he’s home at night to have dinner with his family.  
Unusual for a hedge-fund manager, he’s active in multiple charities, including one that he set up with his wife, whose mission is to help people get along better.  
He even coaches his daughter’s softball team.
The Most Successful Investor 
Operating on Wall Street Today 
Today, our hero is 40 years old and can rightfully claim to be the most successful investor operating on Wall Street.
Between 1996 and 2011, his hedge fund went up 1,635%. During the same time, the S&P 500 rose 165%.
If you had invested $100,000 with him in 1996, it would now be worth $1.6 million. The same investment in the S&P 500 would be worth $265,000. That’s a return of 21.6% per year versus 6.7% per year for the S&P 500.
That kind of investment performance is unmatched by any other investor during the same time period. Best of all, his results were accomplished safely. He has had only three down years since he began his fund in 1996. He uses no debt.
Today, his hedge fund has $5 billion in it.
This is not luck. Between 1996 and 2011, there have been crises (1998, 2008), bear markets (2008, 2001), terrorist attacks (2001), and more. His fund has gone up during good times and bad.
My research tells me he has the best track record of any money manager in recent history. Between 1996 and 2007, his holding company averaged returns of 25% per year. The financial crisis brought this average down, despite his large bet against Lehman Brothers.  
Even with this dip, through the end of 2011, he averaged 20% per year.
The Complete Golden Cross Wealth Strategy Report 
Is My Gift to You 
There is a lot more I could tell you about this man and why this is an almost perfect “Golden Cross” situation.  
In fact, I have prepared an in-depth report giving you specific details on who this man is, what companies he is using, and specifically how you can cash in... both in the short and in the long term.  
His immediate track record is an average of 20%, with consistent annual returns reaching higher than 25%.  
Those are excellent, safe returns.  
But what does the long-term forecast look like? 
Right now, his structure is valued at around $881 million. This is relatively small, compared with mammoths like Loews and Berkshire Hathaway. If we compound estimated returns at 21.5%—his current pace—in 20 years, it’ll be worth $42.3 billion.  
This means that a hypothetical $25,000 investment in this Golden Cross, under this scenario, will be worth $1,276,000.
And that is not factoring in yearly dividends, bonuses, and other factors that could dramatically increase your overall return... and your immediate income.  
The Formation of Other Golden Crosses 
While the formation of a Golden Cross is very rare, the one I will tell you about in my report is not the only one I have identified.  
There are others.  
As I said, right now—as in the late 1960s and 1970s—the market conditions are perfectly situated for Golden Cross opportunities to show up.  
Nor is it the only wealth-building strategy I want to share with you. Over the years, Mark has used these same wealth-building tools to create a personal fortune in excess of $50 million.  
These ideas are changing people’s lives. For example:  
•   One man was a painter and cabinetmaker when Mark started working with him. He was soon making millions per year with his own business.
•   Another guy was literally stacking cans in the dog food aisle of a grocery store when Mark hired him. He has made an average of $250,000 per year for the past 10 years.
•   Another woman Mark mentored was making $13,000 per year when he first met her. Now she runs a business that does $5 million in sales and lives in a beautiful house near the beach.
I could share with you dozens of other examples... but frankly, right now I’m more interested in your story, not theirs.  
At the beginning of the year, Mark made a bet with a good friend of his.  
They were talking financial success. His friend’s belief was that most Americans are not capable of making a lot of money and becoming wealthy. He believed they simply don’t have the genetic makeup to make it happen.  
Mark sharply disagreed with him.  
Mark told him that he believed that, given the truth, correct strategies, and some encouragement, a surprising number of people could build a very strong personal fortune.  
Mark further argued that he could teach people these simple, little-known strategies in as little as one year.  
One Year to Build a Lifetime of Income 
When I say that The Palm Beach Letter is unique, you need to know something...  
Mark and I are not content to simply give people like you all of the wealth-building secrets he used to build a $50 million fortune. Doing that would just give you information, but may not actually give you results.  
Our objective is to do everything legally possible to help you build a foundation of wealth that will continue to grow for the rest of your life.  
Today, I have told you, in simple terms, about the Golden Cross.  
But what do you do with it? Where, how, and when do you invest your money to actually convert these ideas into tangible wealth in your life? 
To answer those questions, I need to give you specific instructions that are easy to understand, easy to implement, and cost you very little time and money to make happen.  
You will find these kinds of specific instructions... plus clear details on our wealth-building strategies, inside every issue of The Palm Beach Letter.  
I Will Give You Strategies, Plus 
Specific Instructions on Getting Wealthy 
The first issue of The Palm Beach Letter was published in April 2011. Since that time, we have taught thousands of people wealth-building secrets.  
Not only that, but we have given them specific recommendations on how to do things like...  
•   Establish a completely recession-proof, inflation-resistant, guaranteed perpetual retirement income
•   How to live extremely “rich” on very little money... even while you are building your fortune
•   Specific details on managing money into three very simple “buckets”—Golden Buckets (more on that in a minute)
•   A legitimate tax loophole (possibly the ONLY one legally available to you) that the IRS does not want you to know about
•   Instructions on how a number of banks that are not even in business any more are happy to fund a special perpetual retirement fund for you
•   A very unusual, extremely safe investment vehicle that consistently returns 1,000% or more. Would you be surprised if I told you it was “art”... but had nothing to do with paintings, sketches, or museums?
•   To be safe, it’s a good idea to have at least some of your wealth beyond the reach of the government. Look at every evil empire in the world—from Stalin’s to Hitler’s—the first thing they do is collect the people’s guns and money. It is vital for you to know how to keep your wealth out of their hands. Palm Beach Letter readers have complete instructions on how to do this.
•   How do you handle a major market drop? This is important because history tells us it will happen... again and again. If you have our strategies in place, you will likely smile, pocket your increased income, and go golfing. You certainly won’t panic.
•   Most credit cards take 10-30% from everyday Americans every year. Not long ago, I authorized the release of a strategy that will allow you to make 26% from an elite credit card.
•   The profit potential of “silver streaming” is extremely high... and safe. A few months ago, we showed Palm Beach Letter readers how to make a nice 37% return on the world’s largest silver stream.
•   Do you, like most Americans, believe that real estate is dead right now? For most people it is... but there is a completely different type of real estate that has proven to be the most valuable investment over the past 40 years.
•   A very “boring” investment that could give you a 13-19% return for the rest of your life... and the lives of your children and grandchildren. For 175 years, this investment has proven to be stable and secure. It has 36 consecutive years of profit growth. Currently, it has more than $1 billion in reserves as a cushion and to use for more growth.
I have just scratched the surface on the wealth strategies and specific instructions Palm Beach Letterreaders have received from us since we sent out our first issue.  
What is more, that is just the beginning. As the financial and political environment shifts, we will be right there, helping you get a little richer everyday... while protecting the money you have already made.  
Here’s how we are going to do that...  
There are two unbreakable principles we live by...  
The Palm Beach Letter Wealth Principle #1: 
Never Lose Money 
Above everything else, I insist that I never lose money in my investments. Mark is the same way.
To make sure this happens, we don’t speculate. We don’t guess. We don’t gamble.  
We don’t think you should, either.  
And we don’t believe that you have to.  
This does not mean that I have never been on the downside of a stock, bond, business deal, or investment... but it does mean that, in the end, I do all I can to not lose money.  
We only grow wealth, using strategies that we know very well. If it is too complicated, obscure, or vague for us to understand, we stay away from it.  
To do this, we have to specialize in a few specific areas. This is the way of all super-successful investors.  
As Mr. Buffett has said,  
“Wide diversification is only required when investors do not understand what they are doing.”  
Mark and I really understand about five different major areas of wealth building. We have proven that we do not lose money in these areas.  
My commitment to you is that we will never recommend anything that we believe has the remote possibility of losing money.  
The Palm Beach Letter Wealth Principle #2 
Get Richer Every Day 
Years ago, Mark determined that the road to wealth was to make sure he was getting richer every single day.  
It is a very simple philosophy, but very powerful.  
It is one thing to keep hold of your money... but quite another to grow it every day.  
But with The Palm Beach Letter, that is exactly what our objective is.  
To help you do this, we share with you the truth behind how the rich and elite in this country live, think, invest, and grow their money.  
Mark brings my unique wealth-growing insights to the table. For over 30 years, Mark has been building wealth by creating companies, mentoring business owners, investing, doing real estate development, and other less traditional, but safe, methods.  
And for more than a decade, I have been investing, researching, and teaching others how to build their wealth.
In The Palm Beach Letter, we are open and honest with you about what I have seen... what works and what does not.  
In light of my direct and honest approach, I have a question for you...  
Is The Palm Beach Letter right for you?  
How to Know If This 
Is Right For You 
I have to warn you... You won’t find the next big thing in The Palm Beach Letter.  
If you want information on hot investment trends or risky penny stocks... this is not the place to look.  
Instead, we simply share the safest strategies to help make you a sustainable fortune with a real income... starting now.
If you buy a typical stock, you have no idea when or if you’ll ever get your money back.  
But instead of holding regular stocks, with the hopes of cashing out one day, I believe that you should know exactly when and how much you will make from a deal. If you don’t know that, you are gambling and stand to lose money.  
And, as I said, we have an almost zero risk tolerance. If the lack of that “gambling” feeling bothers you, this is not for you.
Consider what our subscribers have been saying...  
More Than 1,250 Testimonials 
Since beginning the Letter, many folks have written us back about their successes...  
“$20,000 this morning... ” 
“Your recommendation was a hit! When I opened up my computer this morning, I found out that I earned almost $20,000.”
—E. Pleren, Miami 
“Such a thrill!” 
“The checks hitting my mailbox every single month is such a thrill!”
—Ted Garvey, Charlottesville, Va.
“My portfolio is larger!” 
“Since I retired, my portfolio is larger than before I retired... Our monthly income is far more than our living expenses.”
—Jan Arnott, Concord, N.H.
“$50 Million in Revenue” 
“I love the letter... because I’m finding out stuff I didn’t know about. Since 2006, I’ve made about $50 million in revenue.”
—Johann Glover, Anchorage, Alaska 
Now, it’s unlikely you’ll make $50 million in revenue, but you won’t know for sure if The Palm Beach Letter is right for you until you try it.  
That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to have a no-risk, no-obligation look. Just let me know you want to give our research a try, and I’ll send you everything described in this letter.  
Plus, I want to give you a few other gifts to ensure that you have all the strategies and specific instructions you need to begin building wealth the Palm Beach way.  
The Palm Beach Letter, by the way, will be delivered to you on the first Thursday of every month. You’ll receive a password-protected copy by email on Thursday afternoon, at the close of the business day.  
Here is what your entire Palm Beach Letter package includes: 
1.   The Palm Beach Letter
Twelve issues, delivered to you on the first Thursday of every month. You’ll also see what my team believes are the best opportunities to grow your money, without taking big risks. Remember, these reports will most likely cover opportunities you have never tried or perhaps even heard of before.
Like the Golden Cross... they are almost all invisible to Wall Street and the average investor. You will see them with perfect clarity and know exactly what to do about them.
But please note: If you are not willing to try something new, this letter is probably not a good idea for you.
2.   Special Research Report #1: “Why the ‘Golden Cross’ Will Create A New Generation Of Millionaires And Billionaires – And How You Can Be Among Them
Complete details on a rising Golden Cross that is already doing over 20% annually. Using this same kind of scenario, people like Bill Starget and Don and Mildred Oliinger were able to realize strong six-figure returns.
You will have the potential to enjoy both immediate and long-term gains from the Golden Cross.
3.   Special Research Report #2: “How to Set Yourself up for Perpetual Lifelong Income.”  
On his 65th birthday, Mark is set to begin receiving checks of around $25,000 per month for 20 years (more than $6 million in all). This was all started with just $10,00. 
Discover how you can do the same and legally obligate businesses to pay you a double-sized, long-term income.
4.   Special Research Report #3: “The Secret of the Golden Buckets
Many Americans believe that they need to wait until they are “rich” to live like those who have a lot of money. That is simply not true. In this unique report, Mark shows you how to live rich today, even while you are building up your fortune.
In the process, he will open your eyes to a very simple system have used to build a $50 million-plus fortune. It includes the proper use of just three “Golden Buckets.” This will free your mind and life of a lot of the traditional, complicated clutter surrounding money.
5.   Special Research Report #4: “How to Legally Get Your Assets Beyond the Government’s Reach”
As I mentioned before, history shows us that the first thing governments do to their people in crisis is collect their weapons and their money.
Our government is in crisis mode... at least, it is getting there very fast. We currently have more than $3 trillion in excess money supply. Our real national debt, based on current legislative commitments, is estimated to be around $70 trillion... or about the size of the entire global production. It is unsustainable. At some point, the day of reckoning will come.
When it does, you want your wealth to be safe and secure, far away from the prying hands of our government. This report will give you four specific and easy-to-implement ways to do this.
6.   Special Research Report #5: “The 500% Real Estate Secret  
One of the first things you’ll learn is the secret of “underground” real estate, which has been one of the best-performing assets in America over the past 40 years. This has nothing to do with housing, office buildings, commercial property, or anything like that... yet it is a very safe and simple investment that is available in every state.
And it’s returned several times more than stocks, bonds, gold, and everything else I know of in recent years. This research report shows you exactly how to make this investment right now. But remember, you’ve got to be willing to try something new for this to work.
The Truly Wealthy Stay Out of the “Mainstream” 
Again, before you decide, I need to make one more thing clear...  
I can all but guarantee that The Palm Beach Letter will be very different from anything you’ve ever received.  
You may have subscribed to an investment newsletter before, but I’m pretty sure you’ve never received anything like this.  
And keep in mind: If you’re only interested in ordinary stocks, bonds, and mutual funds... and plan to continue doing things the way you always have... The Palm Beach Letter will definitely not be right for you... so don’t waste your time or mine.  
If you are unsure about whether or not my letter makes sense for you, here’s what I recommend:  
First, let me know you’d like to give this information a look.  
Then, over the next year (365 days), take a look at everything I’ve described here. Review it carefully in your own home, at your leisure, and make up your own mind.  
In other words, let me know you’d like to review The Palm Beach Letter today. I’ll make sure you receive everything I mentioned in this letter.  
Not only that, but I’m going to give you unrestricted access to the entire Palm Beach Letter archives... including every special research report we’ve written to date... 15 of them in all.  
And, it goes without saying that you will have access to everything in the future.  
Take the next four months to make up your mind. If you decide the ideas are too “out there” for you... or that you are better off sticking with the mainstream conventions, simply let us know, and I’ll make sure you get back the money you paid.  
Believe me, there’s no shame in asking for a refund. These ideas are certainly not for everyone—in fact, they are probably not right for most people.  
So how do you get started now?  
Here are the details...  
How To Get Started Now 
The Palm Beach Letter costs $99 for one full year... about as much as a dinner for two at a good restaurant.  
If you take advantage of even one idea I’ve told you about, you could make many times your subscription cost back right away.  
And, as I said, it is totally risk-free... If you’re not happy with our work in the next full year, you’ll get a full refund. It’s that simple.  
But I don’t think you’ll be canceling after you see the potential of these wealth strategies...  
Because with The Palm Beach Letter, we’ll ensure you know about EVERY possible way to build real, sustainable wealth.  
Let me tell you about one more wealth-building secret you will get with your Palm Beach Letter subscription...  
The “Fed Savings Account” Secret 
I’ve found a unique type of savings account that is paying three times the rate of a bank’s regular savings account... and is actually a safer place to put your money than your current bank.  
How is this possible?  
Many folks don’t know this, but the federal government now offers a savings vehicle that not only has a higher interest rate than any bank, but also gives you inflation protection.  
That means even if inflation rises, your interest payments will rise, as well... so your savings rate stays well ahead.  
This is a completely new opportunity. And I doubt you’ll hear about it anywhere else. It’s the only place I recommend you keep your “safe” money today.  
If you’d like to learn more about this, we’ve published a special report on this situation, as well. It’s called “The Fed Savings Account: The Safest Way to Protect and Grow Your Money Today.”  
Like everything else I’ve told you about, this report also comes free of charge when you take a risk-free trial to The Palm Beach Letter.  
As I mentioned, a one-year subscription costs $99.  
But if you’re willing to try our service today, you can try it at HALF PRICE.  
That’s just $49.  
Why so cheap?  
Because the only way we stay in business is to provide great research that encourages you to stick around for years to come.  
And I know you’ve got to TRY IT FIRST to see if you like it. That’s why we make it so inexpensive... and allow you to review it over the next four months, completely free of risk.  
I hope you’ll give The Palm Beach Letter a try. There are so many great opportunities out there to grow your wealth. Most investors simply don’t have a clue where to start.  
We can show you the secrets of the Golden Cross. And we can show you all of the other ways you could bring in thousands of extra dollars every month. You just have to give The Palm Beach Letter a shot.  
So click on the link below to sign up now...  
Tom Dyson 
Publisher, The Palm Beach Letter  
October 2012