The Dividend Diluvia
The fastest—growing dividends
I've ever seen

An elite group of stocks is raising
dividends by as much as +38%
each year...and making some
investors very happy

Dear Reader,

Popular blue chips like McDonald's, ExxonMobil, or Wal-Mart are no longer the best dividend paying stocks around.

That's because another group of stocks has been paying out much more than those blue chips ever could.

Just ask "insiders" like Jane Sampson, who collected $60,454...Jack Hopper, who received $124,650...Rick Hudson, who made $26,280...or Ron Michaels, who grabbed $129,600.

You see, each of these people have discovered a rare type of stock that raises its dividends by an average of +38% a year...through bull and bear markets alike.

What kind of overall return could that mean for you?

Well, for starters, there isn't a single blue chip I know of that can compete with returns like that...

For instance, do you own shares of Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, or Procter & Gamble?


If so, you've probably enjoyed some good dividend increases over the years. Just look at this chart...those stocks are the three slowly rising lines at the bottom.

But, compare them to the fourth line going straight up.

That's how much another company has raised its dividends over the same time...

(I'll tell you which company this is in a moment.)

And it isn't the only one.

In fact, there's a whole group of stocks that have raised their dividends like that over the past five...even ten years...and continue to do so today.

And they're absolutely crushing the dividend payouts—and overall returns—of America's biggest blue chip stocks.

For instance, if you owned shares of the following companies in 2000, and had received a $100 annual, your annual dividend from those same shares would be:
$2,130 dividend from Watsco (WSO)
$2,868 dividend from Brown & Brown (BRO)
$2,128 dividend from FactSet (FDS)
$1,533 dividend from Strayer (STRA)
Incredible, right?

Amazingly, these companies not only outpaced the dividends of some of the top blue chips, but also the dividends of some Master Limited Partnerships, Royalty Trusts, and utility companies...

So why haven't you heard this before?

For one, these stocks are incredibly rare. Though they're all in brand-name this time, there are ONLY about twenty of them listed on all the U.S. markets.

I call these stocks The Dividend Diluvia... "diluvia" because they give investors a "flood" of dividends.

I came upon them during my ten years of research looking for the best income investments I could find.

I believe they present the safest and most consistent way you could grow your income in today's uncertain markets.

I urge all my family and friends to use them. And I urge you to take advantage of these companies, too. Let me assure you:

This doesn't involve using any risky or complicated tactics. You won't have to touch any short selling...use leverage...or anything else you've never heard of before.

As you'll see, it could really be as easy as buying a few shares and watching your dividends grow sky high.

Keep reading...I'll tell you everything you need to know—including the best Dividend Diluvia stocks you should consider putting your money into right now.

Discovered on
a Brokerage Trading Floor

My name, by the way, is Tom Dyson.

I've worked in the financial industry my entire career. I started at Citigroup, where I worked on the largest fixed-income trading floor in the world.

Trillions crossed my desk every day...trades as big as $4 billion.

It was hectic.

I worked with twelve international portfolios. My job was to find which positions had too much risk—and which could afford more exposure.

It was during this time that I noticed something I couldn't believe...Some of the biggest accounts, and some of our wealthiest clients didn't own any blue chips or any popular dividend stocks. Yet, they were getting consistently larger and larger dividends...regardless of what the market was doing.

It was my first glimpse into the secret behind The Dividend Diluvia stocks.

But that was years ago.

I've long since quit that job...and now live with my family in a wealthy part of the Florida coast. And over the years, I've spent a great deal of time uncovering the secret of The Dividend Diluvia

I believe they are, by far, the best way to grow your income...and increase your wealth right now.

So what's the secret behind these stocks?

It boils down to three simple but very important reasons why they have the potential to make you more money than any other investment...

Reason #1: Large,
Consistent Dividend Raises

The first reason I already hinted at.

The Dividend Diluvia stocks raise their dividends faster, and higher than any blue chip I know of in the last decade.

I know blue chips raise their dividends every year, too. But The Dividend Diluvia have done it much faster. And much higher.

One great example is the sixty-year-old multinational service provider, Rollins (ROL). It has raised its dividend around +38%, on average, every year for the past decade.

That's a total dividend raise of 2,292%!


How would that affect your income?

If you received a $100 dividend in 2000...this year's dividend would have been $2,292...and if they increase it at the same average rate, next year's would be $3,163.

Amazingly, this Dividend Diluvia firm isn't even the biggest dividend raiser.

Other companies raised their dividends even more. For instance, during the same time, a 100-year-old food producer raised its dividend 3,434%...and a national hospital supplier raised its dividend 4,053%.

Compare those to some of the most popular blue chips, and the difference is amazing...


Consistently enormous dividend raises is one of the first things you'll notice with The Dividend Diluvia.

But there's something else that I like even more about these stocks...

And that's the second reason they are a far better investment than any blue chip stock...

Reason #2: Dividend Diluvia Stocks Are Perfectly Sized

Blue chips like McDonald's, ExxonMobil, or Johnson & Johnson are giants worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Johnson & Johnson for instance, is a $180 billion firm, and there are many blue chips much larger than that.

But The Dividend Diluvia, which are a fraction of that size...are less than $2 billion.

Now, I know that $2 billion doesn't sound small, but that's about 90 times smaller than JNJ, and much smaller than your average blue-chip stock.

Why is this important?

Well, because companies this size have much more room to grow than large blue chips.

That means your portfolio could also grow more as their share values go up.

For instance, look at fifty-year-old Dividend Diluvia firm RLI. This company is worth only around $1.5 billion. A small fraction of a large blue chip stock.

Because it's a smaller company, it has a lot of room to grow and expand.

In fact, over the past ten years, its share price went from $16 to $70...That's a lot of growth. Yet, it's still but a fraction of the size of a large blue chip. And it still has many more years of growth ahead.


That's the beauty of The Dividend Diluvia. They've grown their share prices and their they've paid investors two ways.

With RLI Corp.(RLI), that means in the past ten years:
  • Your shares would have grown 142%.

  • And your dividends would have grown 447%.
What does this mean dollar-wise?

Suppose you bought just $5,000 worth of shares in 2001.

Today, your shares would be worth $14,870...and, you'd have also received more than half of your initial stake—$2,839, paid back to you in dividends.

There isn't a single blue chip I know of that can compete with that. Large corporations are burdened with management expenses and debt. They simply can't grow their dividends—nor their stock price—that fast.

Look at the popular blue chip Johnson & Johnson...Over the same time, it would have paid out a little over $1,277 in dividends...while its shares went essentially nowhere...

Why should anyone be satisfied with such small gains?!

I believe The Dividend Diluvia stocks offer the best way to grow your money today.

Now, you may be wondering: "But are The Dividend Diluvia stocks safe?"

After all, they aren't as big as blue chips...Doesn't that make them riskier?

The simple answer is: no, it doesn't. The Dividend Diluvia can actually be much safer.

Let me explain...

Reason #3: Much Less Debt

In some ways, The Dividend Diluvia are safer than just about any blue chip.

How can that be?

Because they aren't burdened with large expenses and debts like many blue chips are.

This is important because companies with excess debt will often cut or halt their dividends to make their debt payments if they're short on cash.

That's what happened in 2009 when 804 companies cut their dividends...and another 145 companies cut theirs in 2010.

But with The Dividend Diluvia, you have much less to worry about...

Nearly all of these companies are debt free. (A few have a tiny bit of debt.)

As a result, their payouts have been more stable, and their cash flow hasn't been hamstrung.

Bottom line: They'll likely never have to stop paying their huge dividends to service a debt. So you could get stable and large paychecks in bull and bear markets alike.

For instance, Rollins, The Dividend Diluvia company I mentioned earlier, raised its dividend through every recent bear market: in 2008...2009...2010...and 2011.


In fact, all The Dividend Diluvia stocks did the same...

That's amazing!

The secret behind their success is the fact that The Dividend Diluvia are in brand-name industries which have kept running no matter what was going on with the defense manufacturing...personal hygiene products...pest control... others.

Because of this, they are actually more stable, and have paid out more consistently than many large corporations.

Now, the fourth reason why they have the potential to make you so much money is very important. Especially with the stock market being as scary as it is today...

Reason #4: More Resistant to Bear Markets

The Dividend Diluvia aren't easily affected by the broad market swings the way blue chips are.

Blue chips go up and down, in step with the markets because Wall Street funds own such large portions of them.

So when the market starts to drop, their shares get sold off...and their share prices we've seen repeatedly in the past year.

But that isn't the case with The Dividend Diluvia.

Because these stocks are small by comparison, few professionals track them.

Large pension funds, mutual funds, and insurance companies cannot buy these high quality mid-sized stocks in any meaningful amount...even though they'd love to.

So they ignore them.

And that's where our opportunity comes in...

You see, The Dividend Diluvia trade on their own merit. And their share prices aren't as likely to drop just because the market does.

Some of them even go up in a bear market.

A great example of this is The Dividend Diluvia company Royal Gold(RGLD).

While the S&P 500 dropped 25% from it's 2007 high, this company's stock price has actually gained 113% since that time.

And in 2008, while most investments went down—including most stocks, bonds, and real estate—Royal Gold returned an unbelievable 55%.

The point is, your investments don't have to follow the markets over the cliff like lemmings...AND they could even keep paying and raising their dividends throughout the whole time!

Personally, I don't know of any other type of investment that has done that... or has such a good chance of remaining on the same track for years to come.

As I mentioned—these stocks are EXTREMELY RARE. There are only about twenty of them listed on all the U.S. markets at this time. And it takes just one of them to pave the way for your retirement.

That's why I put together a special report detailing what I believe are the top eight stocks.

This report, called The Dividend Diluvia: The Secret to Getting a 1,000% Dividend Raise will give you the full story on the top eight Dividend Diluvia much they could pay out...and how much they've raised their dividends.


Since 2002, it has raised its dividends an average of 24% each year...and shows no sign of stopping.

That means, if you had received a $1,000 dividend in today, your dividend would have grown to $4,200.

But this isn't even the best one I've found...

Another Diluvia is an international, New York based manufacturer. I'll bet at least one person in your family uses its products every day of the week.

This Dividend Diluvia has raised its dividends by 1,100% since 2002...


...and raised its share price by 186%.

This company has been very resilient in the last bear market crash, and kept increasing its dividend the whole time...nearly DOUBLING it (+97%) in 2010, and then growing it another +23% in 2011.

In fact, using the secret of The Dividend Diluvia, a $5,000 stake in this company in 2002 would have grown to over $20,200 by now.

It is by far one of the top Dividend Diluvia stocks around right now.

Again, you'll get all the details in my report The Dividend Diluvia: The Secret to Getting a 1,000% Dividend Raise.

And you can have it right now.

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Or another international manufacturer I found, offering 12% a year for the next five years!

This is amazing. But I haven't even gotten to the best part...

Once you've invested this way, the company is legally required to keep paying you, even if it cuts or reduces its regular dividend.

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Tom Dyson
Publisher, The Palm Beach Letter
August 2012 

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