(And why anyone looking to get rich from stocks should read it)
My name is Tom Dyson.
I publish The Palm Beach Letter, a newsletter that helps people build wealth.
I don’t know you personally so I have no idea whether what I’m about to show you will interest you.
But you will know in about two minutes.
I’d like to show you a letter.
It was written by an extraordinary man who has taught me more about acquiring wealth than I ever learned from my four years at one of England’s top universities or from my six years working with one of Wall Street’s biggest brokerage houses.
He’s amassed a personal net worth of over $50 million using a very simple approach to money and investing he learned 30 years ago.
And right now he’s helping my subscribers learn how they too could become wealthier every month, without taking on any excess risk.
But he wasn’t always rich.
He was the second of eight children from a poorer part of Brooklyn. His father earned $12,000 a year as a college professor. In his twenties he came out of school an idealist... ,sleeping on dirt floors while a Peace Corp. volunteer in Africa, with every intention of returning home to the U.S. to pursue a modest career in teaching, just like his father.
But one day he made a decision that put him in the company some very successful (and wealthy) people who taught him important secrets about business and investing that changed his life forever.
One was a successful businessman from Palm Beach who became a lifelong friend, mentor and partner in business... the other a “surrogate uncle” named Sid, who was a brilliant accountant and confidant to the very rich.
These two men showed him that acquiring serious wealth was not the mystery many would have you believe it is... so long as you knew to deconstruct the “little white lies” investment advisors and the mainstream financial media tell you about money and investing.
One of these lies, is the idea that to achieve great wealth you have to take chances.
Investing’s “Terrible Myth” 
“The greater the gain you want, the greater the risk you must take”, they’ll tell you.
But Mark Ford, the man who wrote the letter you’ll see in a moment, has shown me that this is a terrible myth... a myth that has hobbled the hopes of millions of American investors, as evidenced in the letter you’re about to read.
As for me... I’ve been giving people investment insights and research for more than 15 years now. But never before have I felt so good about what I’m doing. That’s because I’ve been able to push my good investment ideas – the same ideas that made me one of the most successful investment newsletter writers in the industry for the past 6 years – through the filter of his experience.
The result has made our new publication something of a phenomenon in our industry. In the very short time we have been in business we have received more than 1,260 personal testimonials from readers who are taking our advice.
No other investment newsletter in the world can give you that. And I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. No other investment newsletter will give you more than one thousand genuine testimonials, supporting the value of what we are doing.
I’ll tell you how you can see those letters in a moment.
But first, let me show you an example of the sort of mature, experience-based wisdom that Mark regularly shares with our readers.
What you are about to read is a simple letter he wrote in response to a challenging note we received from a new subscriber.
The man who wrote it was a middle-aged American who had worked hard all his life to acquire wealth only to see more than half of it disappear during the last financial melt down.
Maybe he was angry at the financial industry for getting him into the wrong investments.
Or perhaps he was angry with the government for not warning him.
But it was clear he was angry that after a lifetime of working hard and following all the rules his retirement portfolio had collapsed. He doesn’t have another 30 years to start over. He wanted a solution – not a lot of ridiculous marketing promises – but a real solution, that would make him whole again and allow him to retire before he was too old to enjoy it.
I Was Worried...  
When I saw his note I admit I was worried.
Being a very conservative investor myself, I thought that this man might be asking for too much.
But when I read Mark’s reply I realized that financial independence is available to anyone who wants it. Even if he is older and doesn’t have another thirty years to wait.
Here is the note we received from Joe, our new subscriber: 
Dear Tom, 
I’ve only been reading your newsletter for a short time. And I admit, I’ve already learned a lot from it. But I worry that much of the advice is not suitable for me. You see I’m 47 years old. I once had, or thought I had, a lot of money. But now, thanks to all the bad advice I have been reading over the years, my retirement fund has shrunk to only $25,000.
I don’t want to hear about investment strategies that are for rich people. I’m an average American. I want strategies that will work for me.
What’s the average person like me to do? He can’t open six businesses like Mark. He makes $27 an hour with no chance for overtime. He has debts. He needs a new car. He has very limited silver and gold. AND he doesn’t write a newsletter for $49 a month with 100,000 subscribers, earning a cool $4.9 million per year.
Also, I’m not interested in long-term saving strategies. I mean really, what good will compound savings do for me? 
I don’t want a million dollars when I’m seventy.
I want it now.
Signed, Joe P.
I passed the letter to Mark. The next day he wrote in response to Joe’s letter...  
Here is the letter Mark wrote on September 6th, 2011: 
Since we started publishing The Palm Beach Letter, we’ve gotten a number of letters like this. This tells me two things: we are hitting a nerve by telling the truth, and there are lots of PBL readers who have few financial resources and are worried about the future.
I’m going to take a bit of extra time to try to answer this reader’s questions and comments. If you have had some of the same thoughts or feelings, this essay should be very useful to you.
You are middle aged. Your net worth is meager. Your income is barely sufficient to meet expenses, and those expenses are going up. The Great Recession is looming. Economists are predicting things will get worse. What can you do? 
Should you give up your dream of retiring comfortably one day? Should you accept a future of increasingly meager existence? Should you grow bitter and curse the powers that be for putting you in this situation? 
Or should you take responsibility for your situation and make changes? 
That last question was rhetorical, of course, but sometimes I wonder if people really do understand their options. There are things that happen in life that we can’t control. But we can control the way we respond to them.
I believe—no, I am certain—that anyone who has modest intelligence and a positive attitude can become financially independent in seven years or less if he or she is willing to work enormously hard. But I also understand that when you are halfway through your life and are barely making ends meet, it seems like the only chance to become financially successful is to win the lottery (either an actual lottery or the stock market equivalent of one).
And so, when you hear some rich guy from Palm Beach telling you that you can’t quickly turn $25,000 into a million by investing in stocks, it may be frustrating. And when he talks about what he and his rich friends are doing—buying rental properties and starting businesses overseas—you might feel that you can’t use his advice.
If you feel that way, you are wrong. You do not have to give up on your dream of being wealthy. You always have the ability to change your financial life. And you won’t find a better way to do that than by being a subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter.
But it will take a bit of time and patience. And it will require that you change some of the thoughts and feelings you have about wealth and your relationship to wealth.
The first thing you must do is to accept the fact that you alone are solely and completely responsible for your current financial situation. Before you react defensively, read that sentence again. I didn’t say you are the cause of your situation. I said you are responsible for it.
By taking responsibility for you current condition, you also assume responsibility for your future. Nobody can change your fortune but you. And nobody else will. The sooner you accept that reality, the sooner you will shed the anger and blame and begin to feel financially powerful. I’m not giving you a pep talk. I’m telling you the truth. I’ve done it myself, and I’ve coached dozens of people to do it, too. It is a simple adjustment of your thinking, but it is extremely powerful. It works instantaneously. Without it, you cannot move forward, even by a single inch.
The next thing you must do is to set realistic expectations. I have had people tell me that they don’t want to make 10% or 15% on their money. They think returns like that are ho-hum. They want some incredible stock tip or some secret get-rich-quick technique. But when I hear people say that, I think, “This person will never become wealthy.” 
First of all, 10%-15% is a high rate of return. Warren Buffett, the most successful investor of all time and the third richest person on the planet, has averaged 19% on his investments over his entire career.
Secondly, realize that the journey to millions of dollars is earned one hundred dollars at a time. You must be willing to accept this fact in order to move your financial life forward. Your financial life is like a train that has stalled, and right now, you want to be driving it at a hundred miles an hour. But it can’t go from zero to a hundred miles an hour in no time flat. Inertia is against you. Be happy with ten miles an hour now and then twenty and then thirty. This is how wealth accumulates: gradually at first but eventually at lightning speed.
The third thing you must do is reread my essay on the “three bucket system” for managing your money. I sent you that when you first subscribed. You must thoroughly understand the difference between spending, saving, and investing.
And the fourth thing you must do is to recognize that your net investible income (the amount of cash you have after spending and saving) is the single most important factor in determining how quickly you will become wealthy. 
The world of wealth is governed by universal dynamics—supply, demand, wealth, greed, etc. These dynamics are as old as human civilization. Winning the wealth-building game is about recognizing and exploiting those dynamics, not denying them. Our job at The Palm Beach Letter is to highlight those dynamics on a weekly and monthly basis and then help you make smart, enriching decisions—the sort of decisions that have made men wealthy for thousands of years.
It’s not fun to realize, in the midst of your life, that you haven’t acquired the wealth you want. But the good news is that your past doesn’t have to be a prologue, unless you allow it to. You can change your fortunes today by doing the four things I’ve just told you to do.
Let me be a bit more specific: 
Accept responsibility for your future. Refuse to complain, criticize, or condemn. If you want us to help you achieve your goals, then trust in and follow our advice. Stop doubting it. Stop denying it. Have faith.
Give up the foolish notion that you must get rich “now.” Be happy to earn 10% or 15% on your stock market investments. Realize that if you make 10% to 15%, you will be ahead of 99% of your fellow investors. Embrace the huge impact this will have on your wealth over time.
Begin to allocate your income according to the three-bucket system. With every paycheck you get, first cover your necessary expenses (bills, mortgage, etc.) Then put some money toward saving and then some money toward investing. Then and only then—after you have “paid yourself”—should you add to your “spending” account.
Stop complaining about making “only $27” an hour. That’s more than a lot of people make. Be grateful you earn that much. Commit to add to that with a second income. Make an honest count of the number of hours each month you devote to television and other non-productive activities. Devote them to wealth-building instead. Cast aside the comfortable shoes of victimization. Put on the working boots of a financial hero.
If you are willing to do that, we can help you succeed. We are giving you investment recommendations that could give you realistic 10% to 15% returns (and sometimes much more.) You can buy the books I’ve written on how to earn more money and save more money. And we will be preparing additional reports on these subjects exclusively for our Palm Beach Letter subscribers. We are fully committed to giving our readers more valuable and realistic wealth building advice than any other investment newsletter in the market. We have the experience and the know-how to do that. We will deliver if you do.
Now I want to address another comment you made: 
You suggest that you don’t have the wherewithal to implement some of my recommendations. You suggest that buying apartments and starting businesses is something only wealthy people can do. You are dead wrong on this subject. If you are willing to work hard and smart, you can begin building your own business empire with as little as a thousand dollars – if you want to. The businesses I’ve started can all be started for that kind of money or less. Again, I will explain how this is true in future issues and reports. If you stick around and trust us, you’ll learn how you can do the same.
The good news is that you are only forty-seven, not eighty-seven. You have plenty more years to increase your income and grow your net worth. Why do you assume that all is lost when, as any eighty-seven-year-old will tell you, you have a whole wonderful life ahead of you, a life that can be rich in a hundred ways? 
Everybody in your situation has the same choice: you can rue your situation or you can dedicate yourself to changing it. We can show you how. For the equivalent of a tank of gas, or a dinner out you are getting a whole year of realistic investment and wealth-building research and advice from me, Tom, and Paul Mampilly. You have what you need to get your gravy train moving. But you are the engineer. Nobody but you can start the engine.
Yours truly, 
Mark Ford 
The response we got from this letter was phenomenal.
In all my years in the investment publishing business I have never seen so many readers respond to a letter with such strong feelings.
The Letters Poured In 
One of the first notes we got in was from a subscriber named Alan: 
I’m a subscriber to several investment services and must say that your “letter to the forty-seven-year-old” floored me. It is one of the most succinct messages I’ve ever read. I wish I were forty-seven instead of almost sixty-four. Then I’d have more time to rebuild my butchered retirement account. But that is not the case, so I’ll be taking it one investment (with good advice) at a time and let compounding do its magic. Your message hit me right between the eyes and they’re now wide open.
Subscriber Judy Y.wrote to say...  
I know I didn’t write that letter (from the forty-seven-year-old) but it could have been me. I am also forty-seven and in a somewhat similar financial situation. But I realize that by being proactive and by just READING The Palm Beach Letter, I am already half a step ahead of the guy next door. Keep up the good work. It’s good to have the information, so that when the money shows up, I know what to do with it!
The letter struck such a nerve in fact that several financial organizations asked if they could re-publish it for the benefit of their readers.
After it ran, several hundred non-subscribers were so moved by the candidness and honesty of it that they clicked to our website and signed up for a Palm Beach Letter subscription on the spot.
This confirmed my feeling that we were developing a new kind of investment newsletter, one that had a different idea about what its job was in terms of servicing its readers.
A Different Kind of Letter 
If you have subscribed to other investment newsletters you know what I’m talking about. The standard idea is to provide speculative hot stock picks that will get readers excited and sometimes, hopefully, make them big profits.
The trouble with that idea is that, ultimately, it doesn’t make readers richer. It gives them some terrific ups and just as many depressing downs. But at the end of the year 90+% of them don’t even beat market averages, let alone build any serious wealth.
Our idea was to create a letter that was different. One that would provide our readers with a solid foundation for building wealth based on two very simple ideas that have made Mark richer than most people could ever hope to be: 
1. Never put your money at undue risk 
2. Become richer every day.
As Mark wrote in a recent essay to subscribers: 
You Cannot Become Wealthy By Investing.
(Please don’t tell anyone I told you this. If any of my fellow investment newsletter publishers knew I was saying such things they would have me tarred and feathered.) 
The investment advisory business – and by that I include brokerages, private bankers and insurance agents as well as investment newspapers, magazines, newsletters and Internet publications – is a huge, multi-billion-dollar business based on lots of hard work, clever thinking and sophisticated algorithms... but also on one teensy-weensy lie.
The lie is that you can grow wealthy through investing.
It’s not a big, black lie. For there is plenty of evidence that strategic investing can provide returns that exceed investment costs (brokerage fees, management fees, subscription fees, etc.) and even produce positive returns after inflation.
But to do that, you need time. More time than you probably have.
Let’s say you have $50,000 to invest. And let’s say you invested it according to a really good investment strategy. Things go well. Over a 10-year period you earn an average of 10% a year. You start on January 1st, 2012. By December 31st, 2021 your $50,000 would have increased to $129,687.
That’s not bad, but it hardly makes you wealthy. So let’s say you were willing to extend your investment horizon to 20 years. Beginning at the same time with the same $50,000 you would have $336,375 on December 31, 2031.
Still not enough! So let’s say you extend your horizon another ten years. By December 31st, 2041 you would have $872,470.
Eight hundred seventy two grand will give you $87,200 of yearly income, which might come to about $65,000 after taxes. That’s okay, but it’s hardly wealthy. And that’s after 30 freaking years! 
Most of the people reading The Palm Beach Letter don’t have 30 years to wait. How many years can you wait before you start to draw down on your investment account? For most Palm Beach Letter readers the answer is probably more like ten to fifteen.
So what’s an earnest wealth seeker to do? 
You can start by deconstructing the teensy-weensy lie.
What the investment industry isn’t telling you is that building wealth involves much more than simply investing. I’ve been thinking about what my wealthy Palm Beach friends and I did to become wealthy. And my conclusion is that most rich people get rich by consistently implementing several or all of five key financial strategies.
They are:
1. Managing debt 
2. Increasing income 
3. Limiting spending 
4. Disciplined Saving 
5. Smart Investing 
As you can see, investing is at the bottom of the list.
That’s not an accident. It’s because, in my experience, it is the least important of the five. Most of the rich guys I know spend little or no time investing. And when they do it’s more of a hobby than a serious enterprise.
Phil, one of my wealthy Palm Beach friends, has become a true expert in municipal bonds. But that’s not how he became wealthy. He became wealthy through business and by living relatively frugally for ten years while he scrupulously saved every penny he could.
These days Phil has more money than he needs. He continues to earn money actively while he works an hour or two every week managing his municipal bond portfolio. Investing, for Phil, is a part-time way to increase the value of his savings. It is not – and has never been -- his primary road to wealth.
Phil is no exception. The other wealthy people I know have their own investment preferences and practices. But none of them spends more than a small portion of his working time investing. The lion’s share of our wealth-building time is devoted to the other financial strategies listed above.
As for me, I never paid much attention to investing until I started writing The Palm Beach Letter. And yet I managed to grow from broke to having a net worth in excess of $50 million – without knowing the first thing about stocks or options or other sophisticated stock market strategies.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying investing has no value. On the contrary, I’m delighted to be an investor now and certain that investing will add to my wealth.
But I don’t intend to spend 40 hours a week studying the market. What I will do is spend an hour a week reading Tom and Paul’s latest research. And you should too. But if you want to get wealthy in fewer than 30 years, you must spend more time on the other four wealth-building strategies.
I hope this doesn’t disappoint you. It is understandably wonderful to imagine that you can become wealthy in a few years by investing in the right stocks.
And please forgive the financial industry for not telling you this before.
Investment publishers (and I count myself among them) know that their market – primarily grumpy old men over 50 – don’t give a hoot about managing debt or limiting spending or disciplined saving. And they hate the idea of actively working to increase their income. So what they do is give their readers what they want: investment recommendations generally and in particular hot stocks.
It’s true...  
It’s why when Mark and I started planning this project we decided to make dealing with the misinformation that surrounds wealth building in America the driving idea behind our business...  
We said:
“Let’s offer our readers the best stock research and recommendations we possibly can. But let’s also show our readers concrete ways to build real wealth – using the real life strategies Mark and others have used to transform their financial lives.”
We do this by giving you much more than you’ll ever get from any other research service, broker or professional investment advisor.
Of course you’ll get the monthly newsletter, which gives you our best stock recommendations. The investments we choose are not there because we think they might provide a windfall for you next month, or even next year...  
Rather, we give you recommendations that we believe can provide you with good, steady, month after month, year after year income and appreciation. The investments we look for generally have some basic characteristics: 
They’re extremely safe.

They’re easy to understand and analyze, so we can calculate how much money we stand to gain with each, and we’re able to explain the investments in simple terms to you.

They must have strong insider ownership, so management teams have incentives to make us rich.

They have a policy of treating shareholders well through dividends, debt repayment, and share buybacks.

Long-term holding periods and returns that allow for maximum gain compounding.
10% to 15% Returns Can Make You Rich 
Plus, as Mark mentioned in his letter, our goal is to help you see 10% to 15% annual returns, without putting one penny of your money at undue risk. We believe those are realistic goals. And our success is proving that’s true – and then some...  
As I write, all Palm Beach Letter open positions combined are averaging 22% capital gains over an average 9-month holding period. Plus there’s the promise of dividends payments ranging from 2% to 5% on 11 of our 14 recommended stock holdings.
If you’re familiar with “the rule of 72” you know a 22% return can double your money about every three and a half years. (With “the Rule of 72”, you divide your projected return into 72... and that’s how many years, roughly, it will take you to double your money at that rate of return... ) 
A 22% return (like we’re showing now) can turn a $50,000 investment into $200,000 in roughly seven years, $400,000 in just over ten years, $800,000 in 14 years, and $1.6 million in 17 and a half years.
Remember, this is wealth you could be earning “in your sleep”... . without having your money at undue risk... without having to wait (and hope) for a “home run winner” to bolster your average gains.
How are we doing this? 
Through strategic gold investments that the rich love... “collectible” art that can appreciate whether the price of gold moves higher or not.
We’re doing it through companies with long histories of increasing the cash dividends they pay shareholders month after month — like Unilever, which raised it’s dividend pay out 11% in 2010 and 2011, handing us a 12.8% return in the process.
We’re doing it through lesser-known companies with secret little advantages — like the small mid-western company we found where a prominent St. Louis businessman and a rich family from Chicago have built up a 50% controlling stake... and recently increased their position by another million dollars, all seemingly on the hush-hush. We’re expecting very safe 23% gains over the coming year alone.
We found a great food-related play that’s about as close to “family owned” as a public company can get. Management and employees own over a third of the shares. We love these because when workers have a sizeable stake in the company, everyone wins. Plus, there’s no debt, a long history of profits and a standing “promise” to pay out 33% of the quarterly profits to shareholders as dividends.
There’s the new gold producer we’re excited about. It’s headed up by the same gentleman who transformed Goldcorp from a $50 million company to an $8 billion one... ringing up average annual 31% gains since 1993 for investors along the way. (For the record, had you put $20,000 with that company in 1993 and seen those kinds of gains, you could be over $6.5 million richer today!) Best of all, with gold prices down you can get in at a price we think is very cheap right now.
We also have two unique situations where a potential takeover is brewing, with the potential to reward those who see it coming with fast gains ranging from 53% to over 580%. But here’s the thing — there’s so much value in these companies we expect to win with them even if a takeover never happens. In fact they’re up a combined 15% so far.
And if plain, old, no-nonsense, “sit back and rake in the money” gains is your thing, you’d have loved owning the Louisiana energy bond we recommended a while back. Not only did it give out a 6% yield, but it appreciated 12% over the course of the year... for one of the safest 18% returns you’ll ever see! 
These are just a taste of the kind of recommendations you’ll see as a Palm Beach Letter reader. As you can tell, these aren’t risky “shoot for the moon” plays. They’re investments in sound, well-run businesses with a long history of success because they offer valuable products and services people need.
But remember — The Palm Beach Letter isn’t just about giving you stock selections...  
Our goal is to help you become richer by showing ways to boost your income in ways the rich do... so you can have more and more money to pour into the high compounding investments like the ones I’ve just mentioned.
That’s how you get richer.
Because consider this: 
If you have $20,000 to invest and The Palm Beach Letter can help you earn a 15% average annual return over the next 10 years... you’ll wind up with a little over $88,800.
Not bad...  
But if we can show you how to generate an extra $1,000 in income every month — money you can then pour into our safe, sound, high-yielding recommendations... watch what could happen...  
Suddenly your $20,000 starting nest egg could skyrocket to over $364,000 over the same time...  
And if we can give you ways to generate an extra $2,500 per month to put towards your investments? Now you could have over $776,800 — and you didn’t have to scrimp or save, or alter your lifestyle one little bit.
Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that in just a decade you could have over three quarters of a million in extra money — simply by following some of the income generating strategies the wealthy use every day! 
Of course, if you let these investments work an additional 5 years – your money could better than double... to over $1.85 million. If you have 20 years to invest before you want to retire... suddenly you could find yourself with over $4.1 million waiting for you when retire.
That kind of money earning a modest 5% return can give you over $205,000 in annual retirement income... without ever touching a dime of your principal! 
The Palm Beach Letter Is About Far More 
 Than Just Excellent Stock Opportunities 
It’s what you get in addition to our outstanding investment ideas that make The Palm Beach Letter unlike any research service you’ve ever seen.
Now let me stop here for just a moment.
I know there are a lot of people out there who write books and publish articles who claim they know the secret to becoming wealthy. But here’s a question you should ask before taking advice from anyone who claims they can help you be rich: 
Has this person created substantial wealth for his or herself, using the methods they’re showing you? 
With Mark, the answer is an unequivocal yes.
As I told you earlier, Mark (now 62) has amassed a $50 million personal fortune since his early thirties. He is one of those people who have “unlocked” the formula for becoming wealthy.
It’s like having a wealthy financial expert guiding you week-by-week, month by month – not just with good safe investment recommendations that can build your wealth over time... but with specific techniques you can use to better manage your money and add to your investible income.
That’s why within the first month alone you’ll see nearly a dozen insightful and valuable essays – information you’ll need to get your wealth on track from the very beginning.
For instance, one of the first you’ll see as a new Palm Beach Letter subscriber is Mark’s “Golden Wells and Golden Buckets” strategy.
This is his amazingly effective system for making sure you have plenty of money to invest in the kind of compounding, wealth-building recommendations in The Palm Beach Letter... while also saving for future expenses (like houses, college educations and retirement) and still have plenty of money to pay all your current bills.
It’s the simple money management Mark’s surrogate “Uncle Sid” taught him many years ago – which he credits for providing the foundation upon which his fortune was built. And it’s one of the very first wealth building secrets you’ll learn as a Palm Beach Letter reader.
How $10 Per Day Can Make You Rich 
A few days later you’ll get Mark’s “Richer Every Day” essay – where he tells the story of how his path to eight-figure wealth began by setting aside just $10 a day – after he learned even that small amount, properly invested, that small amount could add up nearly half a million dollars in wealth.
Over time, he learned techniques for upping his per-day investment to $15... then $20... then $50... $100 ... and ultimately $1,000 a day. He’d roll this money into safe, compounding “Palm Beach” style investments... and it wasn’t long before he found he had millions of dollars literally piling up in various accounts. Money that just kept growing and growing year after year...  
Again, it’s important you understand this fundamental wealth-building strategy so you can become rich too. I promise, it will forever change the way you think and feel about building wealth.
It will help you appreciate power of compound returns.
It will make you less accepting of risk and more appreciative of the calm and steady approach to wealth-building The Palm Beach Letter uses.
It will turn you into an “income addict”, which we believe is essential to thinking and becoming rich.
With every “Wealth Builder” essay you see from Mark you’ll learn another secret to becoming ultra wealthy. Financial success will be yours for the taking.
You’ll learn proven ways to boost your monthly income by hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars – money you can pour directly into safe, high-yielding “Palm Beach” style investments aimed at delivering you 10% to 15% returns each and every year.
But you don’t need tens of thousands in extra income to start your journey to wealth. Or $1,000... or even $500...  
If you can generate just $150 a day in passive income using the simple money and income strategies you’ll learn from Mark and The Palm Beach Letter team – and pour it directly into safe and steady recommendations that can earn an average of 12% a year, you could find yourself with an “extra” million dollars in 10 years...  
$2.2 million in 15 years...  
And $4.5 million in 20 years...  
If you choose to “up” that daily number to $250 using Mark’s advice – your wealth increases exponentially...  
... to $1.7 million, $3.7 and $7.4 million in 10, 15 and 20 years respectively! 
Plus, we’ll show you how to generate this extra investable income without scrimping and saving. In fact, your lifestyle can actually improve dramatically. You’ll discover how liberating life can be when – maybe for the very first time – you see that you’re on a clear path to financial independence.
Your spirits and your confidence will soar.
Watch Money Worries Melt Away 
You’ll discover how freeing it can be when your money worries start melting away... and that you’re on a fail-proof course that will provide you with secure wealth for the rest of your days.
Again, its all starts with not falling for the lies the financial mainstream media perpetuate... not walking into the kind of financial traps our “47 year Old American Hero” did... and knowing and using the strategies the wealthy use to grow and keep their wealth.
This is a mission Mark and the entire Palm Beach Letter team takes very seriously.
I know of no other newsletter service that has a successful multi-millionaire guiding you on the path to wealth... someone who doesn’t depend on selling financial advice for his own livelihood. Clearly, Mark has enough money to retire comfortably, take up golf, or travel the world...  
But wealth building is in his blood. Like his father before him, teaching is in his blood too. This may sound corny, but at this point of his life (Mark is 62) – after a long and successful life of building wealth – nothing makes him happier than to know he’s helping others building lasting wealth too.
And just how serious he is about it will become clear when you see the breadth of the information he’s committed to sharing with you through his “Wealth Builder” essays... and the lengths he’ll go to explain how real wealth gets made.
Are you beginning to see why we’re saying The Palm Beach Letter is unlike any newsletter advisory service you’ll ever see? 
As I said to you earlier, this “hands on” approach to helping you build wealth has made The Palm Beach Letter something of a phenomenon within the newsletter publishing business.
I’ve been in this business nearly 10 years now. Typically financial newsletter subscribers are a quiet bunch. They sign up, take your service and you rarely hear from them.
Over 1,260 Messages from Happy Readers 
But the response we’ve received from our readers has changed my ideas about the kind of impact solid research and ideas can have on people. In just the past six months, we’ve received over 1,260 notes and letters – which we proudly feature and display on our website.
Palm Beach Letter subscribers let us know they’re behind us in other ways too. Just this past fall, for instance, we invited 100 of our readers to participate in an income generation experiment we were testing out. I sent a note out on a Wednesday afternoon...  
By Thursday afternoon we had over 4,000 volunteers. And when we asked again three months later over 6,000 signed up! 
At the time that was almost half our readers! 
Feedback like this tells us our readers appreciate the honest effort we’re making to help them become wealthier...  
Anthony from Huntington, New York wrote to tell us: 
I wish Palm Beach Letter was available when I first started investing twenty-five years ago. I appreciate the straightforward, fiscally conservative information written with insight and humor. More importantly, my portfolio is up 7.5% in the past three months and I have avoided the market’s volatility and daily roller coaster ride.  
Richard from Michigan said: 
By simply investing in some of The Palm Beach Letter’s researched stocks, I have increased the earnings in my small Roth IRA by almost one third. The newsletter always puts forth a challenge to me and I am learning better habits that will define my own “financial realities”. I look forward to further mentoring and being associated with Palm Beach Letter.
Nick from Memphis is seeing nice gains, too: 
Ever since I was introduced to The Palm Beach Letter, implementation of the wealth strategies learned has increased my savings by 20% and continues to grow! This, by far, is one of the best investments I’ve ever made since joining The Palm Beach Letter! Needless to say, I’ll be a lifetime member and pass this information on to my entire family!
‘C. Chung from Vancouver had this to say: 
For the first time in my life, I realize there are ways to make high returns safely in the stock market without taking a ton of risk.
Curt from Virginia is another one who’s impressed with our recommendations: 
So far, everything I’ve read has been spot on. I made several investments based on the guidance you’ve provided and have already seen significant gains.
And this just came to us the other day from Perig Vennetier: 
First and foremost, this is my first message to you and I want to start by thanking you for the great newsletter that is The Palm Beach Letter. This is by far the most grounded, easiest financial newsletter with real solid, low key advice I have ever read.
If you’d like to be a part of this extraordinary experience, we would love to have you join us.
You can subscribe to The Palm Beach Letter right here, today.
I promise you, the information and knowledge that will be coming your way over the next 12 months and beyond will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the newsletter or financial research business.
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What You’ll Get: 
Here’s what you’ll get when you come aboard: 
You’ll see our newest ideas and recommendations in every new monthly issue of The Palm Beach Letter, sent to you via email on the first Thursday of every month.
On those Thursdays when there isn’t a new issue, you get a detailed weekly update with the latest news and information on our current open positions and any new situations that might arise. This is also where we publish responses to some of the feedback we get from readers.
You’ll also be given a special subscribers-only password to The Palm Beach Letter website, where you can access all our previous issues and special wealth reports... . read feedback from other subscribers... and write in to Paul, Mark and I with your thoughts and comments. You can also go to the “Open Positions” page and see where our portfolio stands in “real time”.
In addition you’ll get regular issues of Mark’s exciting new wealth e-journal I told you about called Palm Beach Letter Wealth Builder– where he shares his experiences in business, wealth building, and “living well” in a series of beautifully written and inspiring essays.
Plus, when you first subscribe you’ll get a series of insightful and actionable essays from our team, covering the most important things you should know right away about building wealth the “Palm Beach” way.
One of the first essays will be Mark’s tremendously valuable (and now famous) “Golden Wells and Buckets” essay – which outlines The Palm Beach Letter’s fundamental money management system. The system that helped Mark (and many others) become so rich, almost automatically.
A few days later, once you’ve had a chance to digest the wisdom of the Golden Buckets, you’ll get Mark’s “$10 a Day Richer” essay, which shows you ways you can start building up your wealth immediately – and how putting aside as little as $10 per day into high compounding “Palm Beach” style investments can add millions to your wealth much faster than you think.
You’ll also get his very popular (and controversial) essay on “Why Investing in Stocks Alone” will never make you rich... and the five simple things wealthy people do in addition to investing that makes them richer, faster.
In all you’ll see at least a dozen essays from Mark and our team in the first month alone ... each of them designed to “reboot” your financial affairs and set you on a simple path to building real wealth, the way Mark and his Palm Beach friends do it. Then as many as 20 more Wealth Builder essays over the course of the first year of your subscription – all offering concrete ways to build up your wealth and income month after month.
As I said, I don’t know of any newsletters, brokers, or financial professionals for that matter, as committed to helping you learn to become wealthy as we are here at The Palm Beach Letter. And certainly no newsletter I know of can offer you the first hand wisdom of someone who’s amassed the kind of personal wealth Mark has.
What’s a subscription to The Palm Beach Letter cost? 
As I said, we’ve made it very simple for anyone who is ready to get serious about wealth building to sign up.
Not only do I believe you’ll be surprised by the reasonable cost to join up with us, we have a guarantee of satisfaction I challenge anyone in our industry anywhere to match.
But before I tell you about those two things, there are several important “welcome gifts” you’ll get as well.
You’ll See Our Best Opportunities Immediately 
It’s a “library” of research reports we’ve written and put together for you covering several of what we consider to be cornerstone investments to our wealth-building strategy: 
Bonus Research Report #1: 
The Golden Cross Wealth Strategy...  
The first is one of our favorites...  
It’s long been a favorite of some of the world’s top investors because of the long term safety and appreciation it can offer. For example, everyone knows Warren Buffet has amassed a fortune by picking the right investments. And a particular type of investment has led to some other great success stories too -- like Prem Watsa, the CEO of a large financial company in Canada, who accumulated $9 billion – and an average 25% return on his investors’ money between 1985 and 2010. Same with the Tisch Family. Every $1,000 you might have invested in that family’s Loews Corporation back in 1960 is worth $3.3 million today! 
We call these “golden cross” investments. In short, they’re a way to set aside $5,000 now and have an extra $300,000 waiting for you in retirement. Or if you have $25,000 now, you can watch it turn into $1.5 million. You can also add to it month-by-month, year-by-year, and watch your money grow even higher.
Golden Cross’s really are a powerful little wealth builder.
In short, few investments can build wealth like “Golden Cross” investments can. But they’re rare.
Generally you’ll only hear about them long after they’ve formed, when it’s too late to make any serious money from them. But we just found one... one in its early stages – and you’ll learn all about it in the special report we’ve put together on this supreme wealth-creation investment.
Bonus Research Report #2: 
“A Stock For Your Grandchildren” 
As you can probably tell, the ideal “Palm Beach” investment is one where you can buy cheaply, then just sit back and relax... while it makes you richer and richer.
One company we found – we call it “A Stock for Your grandchildren” -- has the potential to be that kind of investment.
It’s remarkably safe. The company has been in business for 175 years. It has over $1 billion in “spare” capital.
It was one of the few stocks that rose in value in 2008 during the financial crisis. It earns consistent returns between 13% and 19% for its shareholders. It just had its 36th year of consecutive profit growth. It’s paid a dividend every year since 1987. And it’s raised its dividend every year for the past 22 years.
Better still, there’s a way to buy this stock without paying typical broker commissions.
It’s the quintessential “Palm Beach” investment opportunity, because it can just keep compounding and compounding year after year. It has the very real potential to make you rich—and your children of grandchildren even richer. We’ll tell you all about it in this, your second special bonus report.
Bonus Research Report #3: 
Intrinsic Art 
Here’s a form of gold we think everyone should own right now.
Gold, as you probably know, is a good investment to have at any time because it offers a sort of “insurance” in dangerous times like we’re in now. With all the debt problems facing the United States and other countries, there’s a very good chance currencies could lose a lot of value and owning gold is a proven way to protect against that.  
But we’ve found a much better form of gold to own than typical coins or bars. It’s just as safe as gold bullion, yet it has far more upside potential. And while not directly tied to the price of gold, our research suggests that this unique class of gold has the potential to return 1,000% or more over the next five years alone.
There are a couple of versions of this investment you can buy. But there’s one in particular that we believe is better than all the rest. You’ll find all the details on it in this third of five special report we’ll send you called “Intrinsic Art”.
Bonus Research Report #4: 
“The $578 Million Pile of Cash” 
Think of a house just down the block from you... for all intents and purposes it is an ordinary house. Now imagine you’re one of the very few people who know there’s $250,000 buried in the back yard. One day you see the house is up for sale. Asking price? $200,000.
Do you buy it? Absurd question, I know, but that’s essentially the situation involving a quiet little company we’ve found.
The company has $578 million sitting in the bank – cash. Yet right now, stock investors are only valuing it for about $481 million.
In other words, if we had $481 million to buy this company today, we’d make an instant profit of almost $100 million. And that’s just the cash...  
I’m not including the assets or intrinsic value of the business! Rarely do you see these “trading for less than cash” opportunities. Just the kind of investment we love. And you’ll see the whole story on this amazing situation – and all the others — within a minute or two of sign up.
Bonus Research Report #5: 
“The Technology Heist of the Decade” 
And finally, we’ll send you a full report on the urgent opportunity The Palm Beach Letter’s Investment Director Paul Mampilly’s latest research has uncovered. Research that suggests computer giant Apple may be on the verge of buying out another prominent technology company... why he believes it could happen any day now... and how you could make a quick 53% (or more) when the announcement is made.
So you get it all... the monthly issues, weekly updates, Mark’s Wealth Builder subscription, full access to our website, these five exciting bonus reports, as well as access to the complete library of our favorite investment opportunities.
How do you join us? 
A subscription to The Palm Beach Letter costs $99 per year – a very good value, we believe, for all the wealth-building information you will receive each year. And remember, you’re essentially getting two services when you subscribe – The Palm Beach Letter’s safe and high yielding investments... and Mark’s “Wealth Builder” essays, where you learn techniques for building real and lasting wealth.
But right now we’re offering new subscribers a special discounted rate of $49 for everything I’ve described for you in this letter.
That’s a savings of $50... slightly more than 50% off the normal price.
And remember...  
Joining The Palm Beach Letter is really like being admitted to a special club of wealthy and successful friends.
We don’t think about money and investing like everyone else.
We don’t chase risky stocks.
We seek out only the safest and surest investments in the world.
Our goal is to do everything we can to make sure you money’s safe... and that you’re getting richer every day, using the kinds of proven money strategies Mark and his wealthy friends have used to amass great wealth for themselves.
I’m so confident we can help you grow richer I am going to offer you an unheard of guarantee. In fact, I have no problem calling it: 
The Best Refund Guarantee You’ll Ever See 
Anywhere, For Anything 
It’s simple.
If at any time during your subscription period you don’t feel you’re getting absolute value from us, we’ll give you a refund -- even if it’s on the 365th day of your one-year subscription. All the reports and resources you’ve received throughout the year are yours to keep.
It’s as pure and simple of a guarantee you’ll find anywhere. We’re comfortable offering it for two reasons: 
First, because, we’re confident that you will not find a more honest newsletter anywhere else. Or one that has the quality of research and resources that we offer... and...  
Second, we believe once you have tried us for a month... two months... . a whole year... you will never want to be without our advice. That The Palm Beach Letter will be like the “rich uncle” you never had... showing you the money secrets and actual wealth-building systems the wealthiest families in America have been using for decades.
As I said earlier, you’ll get access to everything I’ve mentioned within two minutes of signing up: Your five special investment reports... all past issues and updates... Wealth Builder essays from Mark... the most recent issue of The Palm Beach Letter and 12 full months of the best-researched wealth-building information you’ve ever seen.
Click here to claim your discounted subscription price... choose your level of membership... and see a summary of everything we’re offering.
I promise you... if you’re tired of empty promises, and you’re serious about building real and lasting wealth, The Palm Beach Letter is the best (small) investment you will ever make.
Tom Dyson 
Publisher, co-founder, 
The Palm Beach Letter 
May 2012 
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