“No Other Investment Letter Will Give You Over One Thousand Genuine Testimonials Supporting The Value of The Work They Do.”

(I Challenge Anyone to Prove Us Wrong)
I’ve been around the financial publishing business for more than 20 years now and I’ve never seen a response like this…

In just our first year of publishing, my small team of wealth experts and I have received more than 1,260 letters from regular people just like you.

That’s a small sampling of them you see scrolling by in the headline above.

To give you some perspective, that’s about one out of every fourteen of our paid subscribers who took time from their busy schedule to write us – something that’s virtually unheard of in the newsletter business.

Many are writing to say how refreshing it is for a financial newsletter to tell the truth about investing…and not just promise outlandish gains that have little chance of ever happening.

It’s true…

We are not like any investment advisory research service you’ve ever seen.

We’ll never claim we can make you a millionaire overnight, starting from nothing.

We’ll never say you can become wealthy searching for the “next hot stock.”

And we aren’t afraid to tell you that you’ll never have financial security if you believe that Wall Street has your best interests in mind when it comes to your wealth.

But in the end, it’s what we offer our readers that they appreciate the most: a serious and systematic plan for building a lifetime of wealth.

It’s the very plan I used to go from a poor Peace Corp. volunteer…to a millionaire fifty times over. And it’s the plan many of my wealthy friends and business associates use to grow their wealth too.

Hi. My name is Mark Ford. I live with my wife Kathy in Palm Beach, Florida.

I am sixty years old. And in most respects, I’m a typical American. I grew up in a working-class neighborhood, earned my first paycheck when I was twelve years old, and have worked hard—sometimes working two or three jobs at the same time—in my twenties and early thirties.

When I was thirty-two, I decided I’d had enough of scraping by, barely making ends meet.
I decided I wanted to be rich.

So I went to work for a wealthy businessman who taught me everything he knew about making money. And after eleven years of working with him, I was wealthy myself. I retired, got bored, and partnered up with another business genius. I retired again seven years later and spent the next ten years consulting and writing books on business.

Most of my working life has been spent in and around businesses very close to the financial industry. I know how the “retail” investment game works and I can tell you…

I didn’t make my millions investing the way Wall Street and the financial media wants you to invest.

I’ve never chased a hot stock.

I’ve never followed money into a hot sector.

I don’t trade in and out of investments every other week.

And I’ve never made an investment decision based on what some so-called “market expert” or TV pundit has told me.

Yet, I have more money than I’ll ever be able to spend in a lifetime. How did I do it?

It was much simpler than you might think…

It’s all revealed in this brand-new wealth-building research service a few of my best financial analysts and I recently started.

We call it The Palm Beach Letter – in part because that’s where I live and where we set up our publishing office…

But also because the “Palm Beach rich” don’t build wealth the way most people think wealth is built. That is, they don’t just rely on the stock market to make them rich. In fact, the stock market plays a relatively small role in how real wealth is made. It’s one of the first things you learn when you run with this crowd… and when you subscribe to our newsletter.
Become Richer Every Day

We started Palm Beach Letter because we wanted to offer a service whose goal was not simply to provide stock recommendations, but to teach people how to become wealthy. 
Instead of simply bringing you stock picks (the way everyone else does) – which usually involves betting on risky investments or that rare play that might go to the moon – our publications are designed to show you ways to grow richer every day.

So each month when you look at your net worth, as long as you have our newsletter and you’re taking advantage of the strategies we show you… you’ll have a very real shot at  becoming incrementally richer day by day. At the end of the year you may even find yourself tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars wealthier than you were before you started following our advice.

And you’re going to be thrilled.

You’ll quickly come to realize that the research and advice you’re getting from us comes from more than sixty combined years of wealth building experience. They’re techniques we use ourselves… real and actionable strategies that I have used to generate over $52 million in personal wealth in the twenty-eight years or so since I decided to become rich.

Today you can “decide” to become rich too. I’ll help you. And the Palm Beach Letter team will help you too – by changing the way you think about investing… and showing you the simple things you must start doing now if you want to become a millionaire in the coming years.

Because we’ve been so successful in helping our readers see wealth building in a different way, it’s the only way I can explain what’s happening… and why so many people in our industry are talking about us.

It’s also why we get such an incredible response whenever we reach out to our readers.

Let me give you a quick example of what I mean.

A few months ago, we were developing a new publication based on a wealth-building strategy that would give Palm Beach Letter readers opportunities to collect hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in additional income each and every month. Although this is a strategy long favored by market experts and the wealthy, it’s not something the average investor likely knows much about. So before we introduced it to everyone, we wanted to first test it among a small group… just to make sure we were presenting it a way the average reader could easily understand.
Over 10,000 Replies!

One evening I sent out a short note asking for one hundred volunteers…

By 6 a.m. the very next day, we had over 4,000 people sign up!

Then, a few weeks later, we did it again for another test program we were running…
This time over 6,000 people signed up!

And remember…

This is in addition to the 1,260 notes, letters and emails we’ve received from our readers praising our work…

Like this one from Anthony in Huntington, New York who wrote to tell us:
I wish The Palm Beach Letter was available when I first started investing twenty-five years ago. I appreciate the straightforward, fiscally conservative information written with insight and humor. More importantly, my portfolio is up 7.5% in the past three months, and I have avoided the market’s volatility and daily roller coaster ride.

Darius from Sunnyvale, California wrote:

Before I started reading The Palm Beach Letter, I thought I was the worst stock picker in the world. It seemed like every stock I bought lost money. Now, with the guidance of Mark and Tom, I have the confidence to buy a “Palm Beach” recommended stock knowing that it was fully analyzed and screened. So far, the recommended stocks I’ve purchased from this publication have been making money. Thank you, Mark and Tom. Like they said, if you want to be a millionaire, you have to imitate and do what a millionaire does.  

Richard from Michigan wrote to tell us of the success he was having with our safe and steady picks:

By simply investing in some of The Palm Beach Letter’s researched stocks, I have increased the earnings in my small Roth IRA by almost one third. The newsletter always puts forth a challenge to me, and I am learning better habits that will define my own “financial realities”. I look forward to further mentoring and being associated with The Palm Beach Letter.

Nick from Memphis is seeing nice gains, too:

Ever since I was introduced to The Palm Beach Letter, implementation of the wealth strategies learned has increased my savings by 20% and continues to grow! This, by far, is one of the best investments I’ve ever made since joining the The Palm Beach Letter! Needless to say, I’ll be a lifetime member and pass this information on to my entire family!

C. Chung from Vancouver had this to say:

For the first time in my life, I realize there are ways to make high returns safely in the stock market without taking a ton of risk.

Curt from Virginia is another one who’s impressed with our recommendations:

I am a new subscriber to The Palm Beach Letter.  So far, everything I’ve read has been spot-on.  I made several investments based on the guidance you’ve provided and have already seen significant gains.

And this just came to us the other day from Perig Vennetier:

First and foremost, this is my first message to you, and I want to start by thanking you for the great newsletter that is The Palm Beach Letter. This is by far the most grounded, easiest financial newsletter with real, solid, low-key advice I have ever read.
Professionals Love Us Too
Many readers who tell us they’re investment professionals have written us to say they’re enjoying the research they see from us…

Like Lee from Gold Hill North Carolina:

I am a professional investor, and enjoy viewing The Palm Beach Letter, when I have the time.  I find that your recommendations, and suggestions, are well researched, and have a lot of merit.  I have followed through on a couple of your preferred stock picks with great results, and I enjoy receiving the letter. Keep up the good work.

And Rob from Michigan:

As a financial advisor with many clients, I appreciate the hidden investment gems you keep coming up with.  I really appreciate the unheard-of stocks and bonds.

Like a lot of professionals who write us, Frank from Connecticut tells us he’s using our research to help enrich his own clients:

As a financial advisor, this newsletter has been instrumental in helping my clients gain a new and confidence-inspiring view on investing for the future.  

This came from Don in Colorado:

As a former owner/president of an NASD-registered broker/dealer, I find The Palm Beach Letter to be informative, articulate, and straightforward. Keep up the good work!     

Alain from Montreal, Canada says his clients would be a lot better off using the kinds of safe recommendations we uncover:

As an investment professional, I find your real-world investing very refreshing. I only wish my clients would start to think the same way. They would be so much better off with a lot less stress.

And then there’s this short and sweet note from CPA Richard, who splits his time between Indiana and Florida:

I have purchased many monthly “investment” letters in my thirty years as a CPA. NOTHING even comes close to The Palm Beach Letter.
As I said at the start of this letter, I believe no other investment newsletter can claim such a response from its readers.

No other investment newsletter will give you more than 1,200 genuine testimonials supporting the value of the work they do. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

We keep these letters on file at our Palm Beach offices and on our website -- and we’re happy (proud, really) to show them to anyone who asks.

In reading these notes, it’s clear people appreciate our honesty… and the rock-solid recommendations we guide them to.

Nothing risky.

No promises of huge overnight gains.

Just safe and steady recommendations designed to grow your wealth day after day.
An Impressive Record of Success
One look at our portfolio and you will see why our readers are so happy:

As I write you today, 15 of the 16 open picks are up…by as much as 45% in less than a year. (The lone trailer is only down 3% and we fully expect that one to be “in the black” soon.)

Again, our recommended portfolio contains the kinds of investments you’re not likely to see from other newsletters. They’re the kind of investments the rich love because there’s nothing too risky about them. They’re likely to deliver steady appreciation and substantial dividends month after month, year after year.

You’ll learn about all of them in full detail when you join…
Like the “mysterious” little Mid-western company that has generated what might be the safest 8% earnings yield to shareholders. Few people outside of the industry know anything about this stock. There’s scant information about it online. And there’s no activity on the message boards. But inside the company, it’s a different story.

A prominent St. Louis businessman and a rich family from Chicago have built up a 50% controlling stake in the company…and they just increased their position by another million dollars, all seemingly on the hush-hush. What’s going on? We’ll tell you the whole story… And why we think this company could generate very safe 23% gains over the coming year.

Next, there’s the exciting opportunity Paul Mampilly recently alerted us to…

Paul is one of my best analysts and The Palm Beach Letter’s investment director. For twenty-two years, he worked as an analyst and portfolio manager at some of the biggest investment management companies in the world—Deutsche Bank, ING, Bankers Trust.

He spent fifteen years in charge of healthcare investments with two of the largest mutual fund companies in the world. He was also a founder of one of the original Internet funds, which grew from $200,000 in 1996 to over $1 billion by 2000.

Paul’s been around the markets a long time. He’s great at spotting undervalued companies. He’s also great at interpreting the “backroom maneuvering” that goes on at companies, and what it can mean to the stock price.

Recently he learned of two very large acquisition/mergers that could be taking place soon.

One is a well-known trading exchange that has a trading monopoly on two of the world’s most valuable securities…while the second is a small company within the medical industry that could see its stock soar as much as 585% when - and if - the merger were to occur.

And with Paul’s contacts and his knowledge of the mergers and acquisitions market, I wouldn’t bet against these deals happening sooner than later.

Another deal Paul brought to us involves an opportunity to get in on the early stages of a potentially lucrative new gold producer. We’re excited about this because it’s headed up by the same gentleman who transformed Goldcorp from a $50 million company to an $8 billion one—and racked up average annual gains of 31% for investors since 1993.

There are others…
Own This Company at a 56% Discount
Recently we reported on a company where the CEO signed an “oath” that the company was worth at least $22.77 a share. If he’s wrong, he could go to jail for twenty years and pay a $5 million fine, under the terms of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which the government enacted in the wake of the Enron scandal. Now, CEOs sign these “oaths” all the time. Why are we so interested in this one? Because at the time he signed it, the company was trading for less than $10 a share!

In other words, there’s more than 100% upside to this stock. In fact, Paul’s research suggests that if you were to buy this stock today, you could double your money in less than three years. And you’re taking a minimum of risk, because this company is so cash-rich and cheap.  I urge you to get all the details on this amazing stock market “find” by looking at the March 2012 issue of ThePalm Beach Letter the instant you sign up.

And then there’s the technology company Paul reported to us the month prior… Like the company I just told you about, you can own it today at a substantial discount to the value of all its assets… plus there’s very good reason to believe Apple might be interested in acquiring this company any day now. When and if it does, we could be looking at a very fast 50% gain here.

Again, these are just a few of the ideas we’re excited about right now… ideas that remain excellent wealth-building plays with all kinds of positive upside potential.

I’ll tell you how you can join us in a moment, so you can see all the wealth-building strategies my team and I are recommending immediately.

But first, I want to be sure you understand that if you’re looking for another typical financial newsletter service, The Palm Beach Letter is sure to disappoint.

Despite the fact our recommendations aim to deliver substantial, timely gains, we are not a “hot stock” service.

We are not going to point you towards a risky investment on the off chance that it might shoot higher sometime in the future. My sense is you’ve seen and tried those types of publications, and you know that approach hardly ever pans out.

Instead, we strive to give you a solution for earning and keeping new wealth.

You’ll see a combination of fundamental wealth planning… extra income strategies for increasing your funds quickly… and smart investing in rock-solid, high-yielding situations specifically chosen to 1) safeguard your principle and, 2) make you richer every day.

Our plan is simple. And I know it works because I’ve used the same strategies and techniques myself to create tens of millions of dollars in wealth… and I’ve shared it with friends and protégés who are now millionaires because of it.
My 5-Step Approach to Wealth

First I will show you how to earn more income. And I’m not talking just about getting higher yields on dividend stocks. I’m talking about at least a half dozen strategies that could give you a thousand, ten thousand, and even a hundred thousand dollars of extra income every month.

Second, I will show you how to keep much more of that extra income than you ever thought possible, by reducing your spending, eliminating debt, and helping you make wiser spending and savings choices.

Third, my team of editors and I will teach you how to play the “money game” like a Palm Beach insider. And by that I mean ultra-safe investments and strategies that will aim to give you 10% to 15% on your core portfolio…and 20% to 25% using another strategy I’ve recently discovered. (You’ll quickly see that this is how the wealthy become wealthy… and keep getting richer. Not by taking crazy chances. And not by playing the “retail” investing game.)

Fourth, we will show you how to protect the wealth you are acquiring, ways to keep it safe from lawyers and brokers and government officials whose job it is to steal your wealth… And show you ways you can live out a wonderful retirement, without the fear of ever running out of money.

And fifth, I will show you ways to live a much richer lifestyle right now… regardless of how much you are making, one that will give you all the same comforts that my neighbors in Palm Beach enjoy—but for pennies on the dollar.

At the end of the day, our goal for you is very simple:

To help you become incrementally richer than you were the day before – every day – for as long as you follow our advice.
Everything You Need to
Become Wealthier Every Day
Within minutes of signing up, you’ll have full access to everything you need to begin acquiring “Palm Beach” style wealth and start living like a millionaire—including all the unique investment ideas we’ve introduced over the past year though our members-only website.

Of course, you’ll also get each new monthly issue of The Palm Beach Letter sent to you via email, like clockwork, on the first Thursday of every month.

On the Thursdays when there is no new issue, Tom and our team will send you a weekly update with the latest information on our current open positions, any new situations that might arise, comments and feedback from our readers, and more.

Throughout your subscription you’ll also receive a special series of “Wealth Builder” essays I’ve written exclusively for Palm Beach Letter subscribers… where I share my experiences in business, wealth building and “on living well”, so you can become richer and more successful in your life, too. (Many of the letters we get are thanks for opening our readers’ eyes to new ways of generating income and managing their money.)

You’ll get  a special password to access our subscribers-only website where you can see all back issues, special reports, updates and essays we’ve written… and, if you’re interested, see all 1,260 of the letters our readers have sent to us.

It all comes with your Palm Beach Letter subscription.

But I also have several important “welcome gifts” waiting for you—a library of research reports we’ve written on some of the cornerstone investments to our wealth-building strategy:

Bonus Research Report #1:

“Intrinsic Art”
✔ Gold coins and bullion is hot right now, and it’s a great investment to own in light of the country’s serious debt problems. But we believe there’s a much better form of gold to own than typical coins or bars. It’s just as safe as gold bullion, yet it has far more upside potential. And, while not directly tied to the price of gold, our research suggests that this unique class of gold has the potential to return 1,000% or more over the next five years alone. There are a couple of forms of this investment we call “Intrinsic Art,” but there’s one in particular that we believe is better than all the rest. You’ll find all the details on it here, in this, your first of four Special Reports we’ll send you.
Bonus Research Report #2:

“The “Golden Cross” Wealth Strategy”
✔ Very few investments can provide the long term appreciation and safety you’ll get through a little known strategy we tell you about in the second report you will get.
Interested in setting aside $5,000 now and having an extra $300,000 waiting for you in retirement? How about $25,000 and watching it turn into $1.5 million? Then you’ll definitely be interested in a historically powerful investment approach we call the “Golden Cross” strategy.

We consider this to be the greatest wealth-accumulation device in finance. Generally, you’ll only hear about Golden Cross investments long after they’ve formed, when it’s too late to make a fortune from them. But we just found one...one in its early stages—and you’ll learn all about it in the Special Report we’ve put together on this very powerful wealth-creation investment.
Bonus Research Report #3:

“A Stock for Your Grandchildren”
✔  As you can probably tell, the ideal “Palm Beach” investment is one where you can buy cheaply, then just sit back and relax… while it makes you richer and richer. One company we found – we call it “A Stock for Your grandchildren” – is just that kind of investment.

It’s very, very safe. The company has been in business for 175 years. It has over $1 billion in “spare” capital. It was one of the few stocks that rose in value during the financial crisis. It earns consistent returns between 13% and 19% for its shareholders. It just had its thirty-sixth year of consecutive profit growth. It’s paid a dividend every year since 1987. And it’s raised its dividend every year for the past twenty-two years. Better still, there’s a way to buy this stock without paying typical broker commissions. It’s the quintessential “Palm Beach Letter” investment opportunity, because it can be set up to just keep compounding and compounding. As I see it, this has the very real potential to make you—and your grandchildren—rich. We’ll tell you all about it in this Special Bonus Report.
Bonus Research Report #4:

“The $650 Million Pile of Cash”
✔ Imagine a house on your block. You’ve always been intrigued by this house because you happen to know there’s $250,000 buried in the back yard. One day you see the house is up for sale. Asking price? $200,000.

Do you buy it?

Absurd question, I know, but that’s essentially the situation involving a quiet little company we’ve found. The company has $578 million sitting in the bank – cash. Yet right now, stock investors are only valuing it at about $481 million. In other words, if we had $481 million to buy this company today, we’d make an instant profit of almost $100 million. And that’s just the cash…I’m not including the assets or intrinsic value of the business! Rarely do you see these “trading for less than cash” opportunities. When we do, and assuming everything passes muster—like it did here—we snap it up. We think you should too…which is why we’ll send you the whole story on this amazing company when you sign up.
So you get it all…the monthly letters, weekly updates, access my exclusive “Wealth Builder” essays, and this library of investment opportunities we think everyone should own.

But that’s not all you’ll get when you sign on with us…
I Want You to Become Wealthy
Within the first month alone I’ll send you nearly a dozen insightful and valuable essays – information you can use to get your wealth on track from the very beginning.

These are not recommendations, per se…

Instead, they’re parts of a “blueprint” to wealth building that comes from my own thirty-year experience of getting richer every year – proven real-world strategies and “off-Wall Street” secrets for increasing your income on a monthly basis that I’ll share with you throughout your subscription.

For instance, one of the first essays you’ll see from me is my “Secret of the Golden Wells” strategy – the powerful cash management and wealth-building strategy that I learned early on that played such a key role in building up my fortune… and I still use to this day!

It’s simple, anyone can use it, it can be implemented immediately – and I promise you if you start using this today, it could add a million dollars or more to your wealth over the course of your lifetime.

If you’re getting older and you’re worried you won’t have enough money to retire on, you’ll want to see my essay “Letter to a 47-Year Old”, which answers that same concern from a Palm Beach Letter reader. In it, I give specific and actionable advice for potentially transforming your financial situation in as little as seven years. We got a huge reaction to this essay when I first sent it out…

I’ll tell you why you’ll never get rich through investing alone – and teach you the four simple things you need to do in addition…

I’ll share with you my guide for dealing with debt: how to avoid it…how to get rid of it…and the only times you should ever use it.

I’ll tell you my very simple strategy for getting richer every day. This is the cornerstone to your future success. The more money you have flowing in, the more you can invest safe and high yielding investments (like the ones we pinpoint in Palm Beach Letter) after your bills are paid… and let the magic of high-octane compounding work its magic on your money. 
Actionable Advice from Someone
Who’s Built Substantial Wealth

I’ll tell you the three essential numbers you need to know when planning your financial future… and how to make sure they’re working for you. (I promise you – they’re not the ones your current financial planner will tell you about!)

In fact, throughout your subscription with us I’ll share dozens more insights into wealth building I’ve learned over the years... insights I’ve shared with my three sons, my family members, and closest friends.

I promise you: this kind of knowledge is a powerful benefit you won’t find anywhere else.

Which brings me to an important point…

Based on what I’ve seen in my thirty years in and around the financial publishing industry, very few financial writers or newsletter editors who write about money and investing have actually gone out and acquired the kind of wealth I’ve acquired in my lifetime.

Many I know are former brokers or researchers who got tired of the Wall Street grind. Others are mere market enthusiasts who simply enjoy writing about stocks and wrangled themselves a job writing for a newsletter. I’ve even seen some editors land editorial jobs straight out of college!

They’ll all tell you the same thing: that you can get rich by buying the right stocks. Well, as someone who’s gotten rich I’m here to tell you quite bluntly: there’s more to it…and I’ll tell you exactly what that is.

That is what sets Palm Beach Letter apart from any other research service you’ll see.

That’s why I’m confident that Tom, Paul, and I can have a profound impact on your wealth, starting immediately. And I believe it’s the reason so many of our readers are so responsive to our efforts… and take the time to write in and thank us for the work we’re doing.

So how do you join us?

First off, we charge a reasonable and modest subscription fee for The Palm Beach Letter –$99 per year.

But right now anyone who comes on as a Palm Beach Letter subscriber through this very special offer is automatically elevated to our “Gold” level, which gives you access to all the details on my very favorite income strategy of all time. ..
Get in on My All-Time Favorite Strategy
(It’s About to Pay Me $25K/Month for Twenty Years…)

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who is worried about not having enough money waiting for you when you retire, this will interest you.

If you start using this strategy now, you could have literally thousands of dollars in monthly checks coming to you 5, 10, 15 or 20 years into the future. You can even plan them to come right around the time you’re ready to retire, so you can have more money waiting for you when you want to enjoy it.

For instance, on my 65th birthday (which is a few years from now), I’ll start receiving about $25,000 in checks each and every month for the next twenty years. According to my calculations, I should be paid more than $6 million over this time, from this one wealth creation technique alone.

My wife Kathy and I plan to use this money to maintain our homes abroad, travel, and treat ourselves to different adventures. In other words, I’ve earmarked this cash as “leisure money” for the two of us.

But you can use it for anything you want—to clear up bills, pay down your mortgage, buy a sailboat… anything that might make the years ahead of you more enjoyable and stress free. 
Best of all, just about anybody can use this technique. You can set it up from your home. You don’t have to deal with any corporations, financial advisers, or estate planners. There are no legal fees or agent’s commissions involved, and your monthly interest payments are contractually bound.

Does this strategy interest you?

If so, be sure to take advantage of this limited opportunity to become a “Gold” Palm Beach Letter member at the low price of just $99.
You’ll get everything you need to start setting up your future income stream in a Special Report my team and I have created called How to Set Yourself Up for Perpetual Lifelong Income…plus you’ll get all the “perpetual income” updates by email.
Start Getting Richer Within the Hour

And remember, once you sign up for your Palm Beach Letter subscription you’ll have access to everything I’ve promised you (and more) within the hour.

You’ll get to see the current issue of The Palm Beach Letter and twelve monthly issues to follow…weekly updates… access to all back issues with details on our current recommendations…  the four Special Reports I talked about… and much more.

Also, throughout your subscription, I’ll send you the regular “Wealth Builder” essays I told you about that focus exclusively on my best wealth building and income creation strategies.

Plus, for a limited time only you’ll automatically be elevated to our “Gold” Subscription level – a $50 value -- where you’ll get access to my “Perpetual Income” strategy, including regular quarterly updates for as long as you’re a subscriber.
The Best Guarantee You’ll Find Anywhere

On top of everything, your subscription comes with what can only be described as the most generous guarantee in the business.

It works like this:

Sign up for your subscription to The Palm Beach Letter today. Take the ENTIRE TERM of your subscription period - One Full Year - to use our strategies and follow our wealth-building advice. See how our ideas perform…

Then, if you’re not entirely satisfied with everything you’ve received from us in that time, you can request and you will receive… a prompt and courteous refund of every penny you’ve spent on your Palm Beach Letter subscription.

I don’t know of too many brokers, financial advisors, or newsletter publishers who are willing to back up their work with that kind of a guarantee…do you?
Join Us Now

And be sure to read through our “Pledge to you” which you’ll find once you click below and go to the subscription page.

Here we explain exactly what we will do for you… what we can’t do for you… and what you can expect from us throughout the time we’re together. This is just one more thing that sets us apart from any other financial publisher out there.

And remember…

Subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter is really like being admitted to a special club of wealthy and successful people.

We don’t think about money and investing like everyone else.

We don’t chase risky stocks. We strive to never put your money at risk.

Our goal is to do everything we can to make sure you’re getting richer every day… using the kinds of proven money strategies I’ve used to amass great wealth, and that my wealthy friends and business associates use every day.

To get started, please click here to access the subscription order page.

As I said earlier, you’ll have access to everything – all four special reports, all past issues and updates, all my “Wealth Builder” insights, my “Perpetual Income” report and follow up alerts… and twelve full months of some of the most powerful wealth-building information you’ve ever seen.

Again, to sign up … and to see a summary of what you’ll get, go to the secure subscription page here.


Mark Ford
Founder & Editor, The Palm Beach Letter
April 2012

P.S. I told you about all the wonderful letters that have come in from Palm Beach Letter readers since we began publishing in April of 2011. We’ve worked very hard to put together a service that’s different from anything out there, and I think this amazing response shows our collective “hunches” were right:

People are tired of all the empty promises out there and they just want someone to tell them the truth about how real wealth is made – from someone who’s actually made it! 

We proudly feature these letters on our Palm Beach Letter website, but here a few more from the more than 1,260 we’ve received:

I am a rather new subscriber but in the few months I have been receiving the Palm Beach Letter I have already followed your advice on several stocks and been veith the results. I really appreciate the very detailed analysis you make of each company without sounding like you need a Harvard MBA to understand.ry happy w
J. Soulamon, Houston, TX

I am new to your service. I have many holdings which I am LONG and UP with an income stream. Thank you.
Randy Racer, Columbia, SC

I am one of the original subscribers of the letter and enjoy it more each month. I have been primarily an investor in precious metals and have made the “intrinsic art” recommended investments. Therefore, I have enjoyed an 11% percent and 20% return from appreciation since their initial recommendation! Now I am starting to add additional positions in the safe high yield stocks for additional income.
M. Chase, Fort Worth, Texas

Since reading your letter my thinking has definitely changed on how I manage my money. Because of your letter I am confident that I am teaching my children the most important points of money management and wealth building.
Shannon S., Burnsville, MN

Wow! Finally a newsletter that “teaches” the method behind financial success. Just the lessons provided from “Joe’s Cigar Bar” have been worth the price of the subscription. These lessons have been so valuable that I’ve shared them with my two young nephews. These “financial lessons” should be taught to everyone, so that they are equipped to handle the real financial world as adults!
Michael A., Chicago, IL

The Palm Beach Letter is no doubt the best investment I have ever made as far as investment research in 20 years of investing. The strategies, recommendations, and insight I have received is second to none. The Special Research Reports themselves are enough to convince you this is not your average investment newsletter. I have shared these reports with my 2 sons who are in college and I know these savings strategies will benefit them (and me) in the years to come. Thanks for the great work! 
Dave P., Riverside, RI

The Palm Beach Letter should be read by all investors looking for ways to gain wealth safely. I commend Mark and Tom for cutting through the maze and coming up with in investments to grow wealth in a safe way.
G. Matthews, Salt Lake City, UT

The education I have received in just a short time has been worth many times the price of the newsletter. You have taught me a great deal about getting a good return on my investments without taking big risks. I wish I had this knowledge 20 years ago.
R. Muse, Wendell NC

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